Goodbye, Lululemon Housewife


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“I have nothing to wear.” Every woman has said it, but I have the opposite problem.  I have everything to wear and nowhere to wear it.  I spent the majority of my career in women’s fashion, and I have the wardrobe to show it buried way in my closet. . . It’s in there somewhere, I promise – I don’t know exactly how far back it is, but I would guess somewhere around 12 to 15 pairs of Lululemon pants back.  

When I was working full time, I managed millions of dollars and dozens of employees, and my world revolved around making ‘plan.’  I lived and died by the numbers, quarterly goals, successes, and failures.  Now. . . ehh, not so much.  But this year I’ve decided to approach my New Year’s resolution quarterly. Q1 was getting back to a diet that didn’t include a cookie with every meal – Pretty easy since basically everyone has the same January goals. I do well with peer pressure, so no problem on that one.

I saved the big one for Q2. Two days a week – No spandex.  No sports bra.  No North Face vests.  Definitely no dry shampoo messy buns. Time to dress like a proper adult, which obviously means jeans and a top.  

You might be laughing, but this is pretty much the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time.  I’m a stay at home mom with two toddlers and just enough free time to squeak in a work out if I can time drop offs, music classes, and play dates perfectly.  So I dress for convenience.  Just saying that out loud makes me shudder and sigh with equal parts disappointment and resignation.

So I have made a resolution that is already causing me anxiety to prepare for and requiring a great deal of motivation to start.  At least two days a week, I will do it.  It doesn’t have to be a proper outfit like I would wear to work, but something that I could throw on with a blazer or heels and feel like a grown-up.  

Cheers to getting myself back. . . one pair of jeans at a time!


  1. OMG! I love this!!! You crack me up!!! YES! Making time to dress like a human being is on my To Do List as well. I’ve evolved from sneakers to Ugg boots. Which is minicule at best and still has the vibe of someone who definitely isn’t headed to work. I have so many leggings that when I showed my husband a hole in a pair of leggings he looked at me like “So some other out of the 1500 pairs will see the light of day?” LOL. Great article! I wish you the best of luck on your fashion journey!


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