6 Convincing Reasons To Get Your Kids a Bunk Bed


    6 Convincing Reasons To Get Your Kids a Bunk Bed

    If you need new beds for your kids, a bunk bed is a fantastic option—but one that many parents avoid nonetheless. To convince you that a bunk bed is the ideal kind of bed for kids, here are six convincing reasons to get your kids a bunk bed.

    They’re Awesome

    Bunk beds are awesome. They look cool; they’re fun to play and sleep in; and—if you’re lucky enough to get the top bunk—they can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Almost every kid wishes for a bunk bed at some point in their childhood. So why not make your kids’ wishes come true?

    They Make Sharing a Room Worthwhile

    Another reason to get your kids a bunk bed is that they promote sibling bonding. If you don’t have enough rooms for each kid, some of them may need to share. And as evidenced by the “me! mine!” phase that all kids seem to go through, kids aren’t very fond of sharing. But bunk beds can make sharing a room fun.

    Your kids can team up to build a fort out of their shared bed, meet on the bottom bunk at bedtime to tell scary stories, or pretend they’re pirates on the top-bunk lookout. By promoting sibling play, bunk beds also promote sibling bonding, and when siblings like to spend time with each other, sharing a room isn’t all that bad.

    They Encourage Creativity and Play

    Bunk beds encourage play and creativity. There’s so much you can do with a bunk that you can’t do with a single-story bed. Whether they play treehouse on the top bunk or create a secret fort on the bottom bunk, your kids can unleash their imagination—and that’s a good thing!

    They Save Room

    Bunk beds are also easy ways to save space in a rental or small home. You can tuck them compactly into a corner, leaving more space in your children’s room for other pieces of furniture.

    They’re Versatile

    You can even deconstruct some bunk beds. If a sibling pair eventually moves to their own rooms, you can separate the bunk into two individual beds so that you don’t have to buy new ones. You can also remove the bottom bunk and turn it into a loft bed that fits a desk underneath.

    They’re Affordable

    A lot of parents avoid bunk beds because they think they’re expensive. But in most cases, a bunk bed is cheaper than two separate beds! The price ultimately comes down to the kind of bunk you’re looking at. Some can be costly because of high-end designs or materials, while others can be remarkably cost-friendly.

    Ready to get a bunk for your kids? The process of choosing the best bunk bed may seem overwhelming, but it’s easier than you’d think and undoubtedly worth your while.


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