Allow Us to Re-Introduce Ourselves: SF Moms Blog Launches Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog


    San Francisco Moms Blog has been around for over a year and half now, and we’ve steadily grown our readership and community thanks to you. As we launch our new expansion site today, Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog, we thought it was a good time to pause, say THANK YOU for reading and interacting with us each day, and explain more about what we do here and what we’re launching, so that you can make the most of all we have to offer. 

     If you do nothing else, check out the new Mid-Peninsula website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and tell your friends in the area that we’re launching. That way, none of you will miss the fun giveaways we’re running this week. While we’re on the subject, are you following SF Moms Blog, too? Find us here: Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest

    Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog MPMB

     What’s With This “Moms Blog” Stuff? 

    Both San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog are part of the City Moms Blog Network which has sister sites all across the country. Each team creates original content (you won’t see it anywhere else) for their site that’s meant to connect local moms by sharing honest parenting information, creative ideas, opportunities for philanthropy, and fun local events.

    Even though there’s a lot of overlap between living and working in the city and on the peninsula, there are also plenty of differences in day-to-day life and the local businesses who serve our communities.  It made sense to branch out into a new site to make sure that we’re delivering the most relevant content to you and staying consistent with our mission. So, you can expect to see a combination of universal parenting topics and location-specific subjects tackled on both websites every weekday.

     Why We Love Partnerships

    Sometimes we spotlight products or services in our blog posts and on social media that we think you should know about, and they’re often tagged as sponsored posts. When you see this, it means that we believe this particular company’s offerings will make your life or your family’s lives a little easier, a little more fun, or a little more meaningful. To share this information with you, we partner with the businesses behind them to test them out. This way, we’re giving you honest information about our experiences, and we’re sure to only work with partners we believe to be reputable and resourceful to you. Keep an eye out for these kinds of posts – discounts or giveaways often accompany them, and you can always find the archive of companies we’ve worked with here. Consider this page the library of our favorite things! 

     Let’s Connect Face-to-Face

    We also work with local sponsors to host events throughout the year. Some are meant for the whole family to enjoy and others are mom-only affairs. All are intended to get us out from behind our screens to meet each other in-person. On top of these coordinated events, our Facebook Neighborhood Groups are gaining traction in getting their own local meet-ups started. If we’re being honest about events, they’re only fun if you show up, so tell us what kind of activities you’d love to see happen, join our neighborhood groups to get the conversations started, and keep tabs on our upcoming events, so you don’t miss the fun. 

     We’re Real People!

    All of us who write for San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog are really and truly local moms. Some of us are Bay Area natives or long time residents and some of us recently moved to the area. We have babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids. Many of us work outside the home and some of us do all our work within it. We try our best to represent a cross section of moms in the city, so that we can share articles that resonate with you. In fact, we’re always open to bringing more voices to the table, so if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, drop us a line at,, or check out our Guest Post Submission page.

    And if you prefer to sit back and read what we’ve got to say, we’re okay with that, too.


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