Do you like Pina Coladas? (Or red wine or…)


SWM (semi-wonderful mom) seeks similar for play-dates, vent sessions, and wine nights out. Matches should love to talk about anything but politics. Seriously. Anything. I love chatting about my LO and all things Mommy as well as our pre-Mommy lives. Also: tv shows, wellness, recipes, restaurants, vacations.. to name a few.

Activities my LO’s enjoy are music classes, park dates, opening and closing water bottles, touching things she is not supposed to and yelling uncontrollably because she doesn’t want her shoes on – oh wait I mean off, no on, no off….

I am NOT looking to play “compare our babies or toddlers.”  Every baby does his or her own thing, and they all end up in the same place after a while. Matches should firmly agree with this.

Above all, matches should be comfortable if I wear the same leggings several days in row and look like I just woke up or if I come with full on hair blown out and makeup on. Some days I have it together and others I don’t.

There should be no judgment if I have a nanny 50 hours a week AND still come looking like I just woke up, no judgment if you have a nanny 50+ hrs a week and always look perfect, OR if you don’t have a nanny at all and are rocking this mommy thing (or at least seem like you are). We all have to do what works for us and for our family, and it doesn’t make us a good or bad person or friend.

Age doesn’t matter to me. Ok, that’s a lie. I am almost 44, and I’m super annoyed about it. If it helps, I’m about 32 in my own head. And yes, I had one baby at 42 and the other at 43 and one was with fertility treatments and one was a total shock, but that story is for another post…

So- if I wrote a Mommy personal ad, I think it would look something like this. I have thought about doing this many times since I just moved from the city to the Peninsula, but I’m pretty sure you would think I’m totally weird. It’s just that it’s SO SO hard to make new friends as a mom AND having just moved (and into a community where so many people already have their people).

I know it will get easier when my little ones are in school, and I can do the “mom date” thing with their classmate’s moms. But, I’m the kind of person who needs my tribe and needs mom friends. Like real friends- the ones who won’t judge you if you are pouring bourbon at 5:30pm. The ones who you can share things about your personal life one day and then the next day go to a spa and talk about nothing but nonsense.  

I was sitting at the salon talking to my hairdresser about this topic. She said “Well, it’s hard to re-create history” meaning that your mommy friends will never be the same quality as your high school or college friends. I refuse to believe this to be true.

I’m pretty sure with a little effort, a little disappointment and some awkward moments, we can find our “people.”

How did you meet your people?   

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Wendi is originally from New Jersey but has lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years! Her career as a nurse allowed her to work in many areas such as the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric emergency room, and management of a pediatric critical care transport team. She then ventured on to become a mompreneur and founded a company called NewboRN Solutions which offered in-home education and services to new and expecting parents. Following the birth to surprise baby girl #3, Wendi and her husband moved from San Francisco to Menlo Park in August of 2017. After having two babies 14 months apart, Wendi chose to improve her work/life balance and currently works one day a week at a healthcare consulting company in San Francisco. In her free time, she enjoys getting back into an exercise routine, adjusting to life as a mom of three, drinking wine with friends and reading cook books/magazines in hoping to find more time to cook healthy and yummy meals that at least one of her children will eat.


  1. funny! i think my one requirement in mom friendship is sense of humor. you clearly have one. i’m 29 in my head, my body thinks that’s the biggest joke ever. ;0

    • @Amy, we have to have a sense of humor to get through this Mom thing. Mine just generally runs a bit sarcastic 😉
      Yea I’m not going there about my body as I picked up my 20mth old the other day and tried to play by swinging her down and totally pulled a muscle that hurt for 3 days???

  2. Wow, Good to see you here. You are the source of positive energy and smart ideas! Look forward to hearing more stories from you. – Keehae


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