Giving Thanks: National Thank You Letter Day


Three years ago, Carew Papritz had the idea to begin National Thank You Letter Day; a day that not only teaches kids about the importance of gratitude, kindness, manners, and civility, but also serves as an opportunity to teach crucial literacy and communication skills.

In 2020 though, that one day (typically November 14th) has turned in to two months. Why? Well we asked Carew that very question in our recent interview with him.

“This year, one National Thank You Letter Day is not enough,” says Papritz. “This is a rolling, letter-writing movement to give our (frontline) workers emotional strength, thanking them personally. Teachers around the country are recognizing the value of this project and are accessing our resources. It makes everyone feel a little better.”

Parents should also recognize the value of this project and use it as a chance to have meaningful conversations with their children about being thankful and what they are thankful for. What a great focus for us all in November of 2020 and beyond.


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