Date Days, The New Way to go on a Date!


Golden Bridge

Over the holidays, my husband and I went on a number of date days. We started date days when we realized that date nights were too exhausting. Not because we were drinking too much but because staying out past 9pm leaves us too tired the following day (we are wimps).  I stand by date days being a genius invention on our part. We go to movies and instead of the hottest new restaurants, we hit up the the best breakfast places. Yes, we’ve even been known to go out for a for drink while making it home by 6:00pm.

Date days are simple to do. We have a nanny that comes every day rain or shine (she’s amazing) and usually we go off to work. On date days, we’ve taken the day off and instead of going to work, we go out on a date. Of course you could also do this on a weekend, but weekdays are pretty great because most places are less crowded. Here are some of our favorite things to do on date day:

  1. Go to one of the great breakfast establishments that usually have a ridiculous line on weekends. I’m looking at you, Brenda’s and Plow.
  2. Get in a movie while beating the crowds. I have a picture of my husband and I seeing Sisters (hilarious) and he’s the only person sitting in the entire theater.
  3. Check out restaurants you don’t normally get to go to. Some will have a fantastic lunch menu which can be less expensive than dinner there (win-win).
  4. Be a tourist. Go to Alcatraz. Check out a museum that isn’t geared towards a three year old.  The de Young and Legion of Honor both come to mind.
  5. This won’t surprise anyone who knows me, but we also like to find a bar with a good view. Sitting outside at Market Bar is fantastic. The view/people watching is amazing. You can watch tourists discovering our great city, enjoy the historic Muni trains running up and down Embarcadero, and of course the view of our amazing city.

At the end of most date days we feel relaxed/recharged and ready to go home to our daughter. We also feel like we took a mini vacation in our wonderful city by the Bay. I encourage everyone to try it, and let me know what they think.



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