Quiz: Are You an Instagram Marketer’s Dream?


woman showing off all of the products she's purchased because of instagram advertisements

This is a picture of me. I’m sitting on my Casper mattress covered in a Buffy comforter. I’m packing for a quick trip in my Away suitcase and I can’t forget my Quip toothbrush. I’m doing a load of laundry with my Grove laundry detergent. I already shaved with my Billie razor. I can’t decide which of my 4 pairs of Rothy’s to pack. I don’t think I’ll need to pack my Allbirds for this trip.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a good Instagram advertisement—how do they know!? So it’s no surprise that since moving to SF, we’ve accumulated quite the collection of these venture-backed consumer goods. These companies clearly know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, and honestly, they are making really good products!

I’ve also noticed that I’m not alone in falling prey to having the best of something. Just for fun, I put together a little quiz so you can see where you rank in terms of being “in the know” for all the best stuff. My quiz and this post are inspired by this article which I found fascinating.

      1 point for every pair of Allbirds you own

      1 point for every pair of Rothy’s you own

      1 point if you have a Casper mattress

      1 point if you have bedding from either Brooklinen, Parachute, or Buffy

      1 point for every Quip toothbrush in your household

      1 point for every meal box you subscribe to (Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, Blue Apron, etc)

      1 point if you get your groceries from Good Eggs

      1 point if you subscribe to cleaning products through Grove

      1 point if you have an Away suitcase

      1 point if you take Ritual or Care/of vitamins

      1 point if you use Glossier

If you scored 10 or higher, you’re an Instagram marketers dream! If you even so much as think about googling that cool new shoe your mom friend was wearing at the playground, you’ll be getting ads for it by morning.

If you scored between 5-10, you have a healthy ability to weed through the clutter and only get sucked into purchasing the things you probably need.

If you scored less than 5, you have incredible impulse control. You can scroll right by those ads without missing a beat. Either that or you’re just not on social media and therefore immune to it!

What’s your score?

I scored a 15 (18 if I’m including my husband’s three pairs of Allbirds). Like I said, a marketer’s dream. To be perfectly honest, I’m totally smitten with all of these products and would wholeheartedly recommend them.

What other companies have you found via Instagram? Am I missing any other good ones?  


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