Pregnancy Essentials: Things You May Not Know You Need


    Pregnancy Essentials: Things You May Not Know You Need

    Pregnancy is an adventure like no other on Earth. This momentous time is filled with a medley of anticipation, excitement, nerves, and unknowns—and immense love. Needless to say, plenty of change is right around the corner. Are you ready for the endeavor ahead?

    Mamas-to-be who are preparing for the early stages of motherhood need several tried-and-true products to help them survive and thrive during this season of life. Yet, they tend to leave off the list many essential items that could make the journey of bringing new life into the world a bit easier. Let’s take a closer look at these pregnancy essentials and things you may not know you need.

    Pregnancy Resources and Apps

    In our digital age, gone are the days of relying solely on What to Expect When You’re Expecting for all your mom-to-be resource needs. Instead, what you truly need is a common-sense resource outlining what may or may not be normal at different periods of time. This could be in the form of an online guide, like our Newborn & Pregnancy Guide, or a mobile app. An array of reliable apps are available to download on your smartphone for instant access to information and insight. You can learn more about your baby’s size, developmental changes, and any symptoms you may be experiencing throughout your trimesters. Some apps even have message boards that allow you to chat with other expectant mothers. Just be cautious when reading through these sources, and speak with your physician or care team with any questions you have.

    Massage Oils and Lotions

    You’ll realize soon enough that pregnancy does quite a number on your skin. Dry, itchy skin is one symptom you can expect to face during these months. A good go-to body oil, lotion, or moisturizer is the key to combating the dryness dilemma from the get-go. Massage oil can be particularly beneficial, softening the skin and preventing stretch marks. Regularly massaging your hands and feet with these products simultaneously boosts blood circulation.

    New Maternity Bras and Shoes

    Speaking of pregnancy changes, moms-to-be should expect some additional attire shopping trips. Keep in mind that the breasts typically increase a cup size or so during pregnancy, requiring the purchase of maternity or nursing bras. Specialized shops can help with the selection process to determine the right sizing for comfort and support.

    Don’t forget about your feet. Comfortable shoes are pivotal when you’re pregnant, and you may find that your traditional size changes during this course of time. Investing in a new pair of flat loafers, athleisure shoes, or slip-on sneakers is a wise idea.

    A Memorable, Lifelong Keepsake

    The 40 weeks of pregnancy may feel like forever when you’re going through them, but someday, you’ll look back fondly at this stage of life. After an empowering, personalized birthing experience, you’ll want to remember every last detail. A lifelong keepsake item completes our lineup of pregnancy essentials you may not know you need. Whether it’s a baby book, scrapbook, or journal, you can record your little one’s precious journey to create a treasurable heirloom. The more you prepare for the magic of motherhood ahead, the more you can make of it.



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