Must-Have Baby Supplies for First-Time Parents


    Must-Have Baby Supplies for First-Time Parents

    Knowing that your life will completely change can feel overwhelming when you start counting down the days to your newborn’s arrival. You devote all your time and energy to ensuring your baby has everything they need to feel comfortable as they grow and develop. Here are some basic must-have baby supplies for first-time parents so you’re ready for anything.

    Nursery Room Essentials

    When you bring your bundle of joy home, first-time parents need the necessary furniture and supplies to take immediate action to make their baby comfortable. Parents will need furniture essentials, including a crib, mini crib, or bassinet, two to four fitted crib sheets, a rocking chair, a diaper changing table, a white noise machine, a diaper pail, toy storage, and a flat, firm mattress that snuggly fits the crib. These items allow parents to care for and monitor their baby without leaving the room.

    Travel Supplies and Goods

    Sometimes you must leave home with your little one, whether running errands or going for medical check-ups. So, you’ll need supplies to keep yourself prepared for anything that can put you at a halt. Some travel supplies include:

    • Strollers or infant carriers
    • Infant or convertible car seats
    • A travel bag
    • Extra diapers, wipes, and ointments
    • Additional onesies

    You never know when your baby might have a diaper blowout or suddenly get sick while you’re on the go. So, take additional steps to prepare yourself and your baby for the next time you must go out.

    Baby Wardrobe Essentials

    Keeping your newborn safe and comfortable comes down to the clothing they wear. While every baby wears onesies, there are other must-have baby supplies, such as articles of clothing for year-round comfort. Your list of baby clothes may include the following:

    • Four to eight onesies
    • One to three rompers
    • Four to eight one-piece pajamas
    • One to three sweaters or jackets
    • Bunting bag or fleece suit for winter
    • No-scratch mittens
    • Four to seven socks or booties
    • Two blanket sleepers
    • Four to eight undershirts

    Moreover, having hats for the cooler and warmer seasons, like broad-brimmed hats and ear-covering caps, can help prevent your baby from unfavorable weather. The larger your baby’s wardrobe is, the better prepared they are for changing weather.

    Baby Feeding Essentials

    Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed your infant, staying organized by setting up large spaces for your supplies and having a bin for dirty or used baby bottles is the first step to being prepared. However, our list of baby feeding supplies includes multiple bottles and nipples, formula, breast pumps, milk storage bags, nipple cream, nursing pads, multiple bibs, bottle brushes, burping cloths, baby feeding pillows, and a high chair.


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