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Mother's DayIt’s Mother’s Day! Hopefully, you’ll receive breakfast in bed followed by a day at the spa. Mothering is hard work, so you deserve a day off. But I think you can do better. What if instead of rewarding all your toil with just one day of relaxation, you found a way to support and indulge yourself on a daily basis? This Mother’s Day, create Mother’s Day Resolutions to help you care for yourself throughout the moments that you devote yourself to your children.

Mother’s Day Resolution #1: Attend to Your Must Do’s

Moms tend to neglect their basic needs. Someone always needs us urgently. Too often we place our own physical or mental health on hold. Resolve to attend to your essential needs every morning, no matter what. Brush your teeth. Shower. Drink water and eat breakfast. And it’s not just about survival needs. Shaving your legs, brushing your hair, and putting on a clean outfit that you like matter too. You deserve to start every day on the right foot.

Mother’s Day Resolution #2: Practice Self-Care Daily

Self-care goes beyond basic needs. Every day, do one thing that you love doing. To ensure it happens, make a list of 20 things that rejuvenate you. The list can include reading in the bath, getting a manicure, or ordering your favorite takeout. Then, plan out when your self-care will happen. Keep yourself accountable by checking in with another mom friend or journaling.

Mother’s Day Resolution #3: Express Gratitude Daily

When we tell people that we feel grateful, we raise ourselves up along with them. Those who express gratitude have a better outlook on life. Try to say thank you for one mom-related thing and one non-mom-related thing each day.

Mother’s Day Resolution #4: Be Present in the Spaces in Between

To enjoy motherhood, you must be present as you undertake its most mundane tasks. And to truly love it, seek out the spaces in between them. In those moments between brushing your child’s teeth and running a bath, stop yourself from thinking about what’s next or trying to fit in another chore. Take that time to enjoy your baby and watch what she does. Look into her eyes and listen to her. The magic happens in the spaces in between.

There will still be hard moments. There will always be stress and overwhelm. We can’t get rid of that completely. Mothering is a challenging job, and that is why it’s so important. But my hope for you is that you can support yourself through the rough patches by giving yourself a foundation of positive feelings and periodic rejuvenation. Happy Mother’s Day to you!



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