What Are Other Moms Reading? Here Are Our Top Posts So Far This Year


    You’re busy, and your Facebook newsfeed updates so quickly that it’s easy to miss out on reading some really great articles. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite and most popular posts of the year right here for you to browse at your leisure. Want to stay in the know? Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get a rundown of the week’s posts every Friday. 

    The Magic Power of the Sleep Pass to Keep Your Kids in Bed All Night

    It’s a lucky day when a pediatric neurologist happens to be over for dinner and witnesses the circus that is putting little kids to bed. Enter the sleep pass, a concept so simple and effective you’ll think it’s magic. 

    This Simple Trick Will Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth 

    life hack for streamlining the bedtime routine

    Before we can even tuck in our kids to bed, we have to get them to brush our teeth, and we found a way to make that easier, too. It’s another one of those, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that,” moments.

    One Small Tweak to the Way You Think Can Save Your Sanity During the Early Years! 

    mindset shift for parents

    Two sentences. Thirteen words. Repeat them as your mantra, and you will shift your mindset and gain more patience for your little ones.

    The Perfect Solution for the Tricky Business of Buying Gifts for Kids

    tired of no one listening to your request for no gifts please?

    Seriously, if we all started doing this, buying gifts for holidays and birthdays would be so much easier AND would raise money for charity and teach our kids about giving back. Genius. 

    Hey Sticker Charts, Make Room for Kindness Chains

    No need for stickers. Use kindness chains

    Not every kid will be the smartest, most athletic, artistic or popular, but they all can be kind. Building a kindness chain at home is easy, fun, rewarding, and effective to get your kids thinking about the world around them.

    5 Books to Teach Empathy to Your Kids

    books to teach empathy

    We all want to raise good people, and an easy way to reinforce those lessons is with these wonderful children’s books. 

    Tips from an Expert Swimsuit Designer on How to Shop This Season

    We’re sharing trends, specific brands and suits that real moms love. Why waste time and energy being self conscious? We’re already exhausted from just being a mom. Wear. The. Swimsuit.

    Whole30: A Review for People Who Hate Dieting 

    Have you heard of this eating program? Meredith, a doctor and one of our contributors, shares her honest review of what it’s like to go through it, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

    Preschool Bullying: The Day My Son Came Home with a Bruised Lip

    tips for talking to kids about bullying

    It’s every parent’s nightmare to hear that your kid is getting picked on, but there are specific actions you can take to support your child and work to resolve the issue. We’re sharing them here. 

    5 Reasons Why 5th Grade Graduation Is a Big Deal 

    Our little ones grow up so fast that we have every right to take a moment and celebrate the big and small milestones. Here’s what makes 5th Grade graduation so important.

    How to Find Time for Dates with Friends

    making the effort for friends

    You may have more time than you think to squeeze in a life update with a good friend. We’ve got some creative ways to think about how to do it.

    Counting My Spoons:  Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


    Being a mom is hard enough. Can you imagine doing it with a genetic disease that zaps your energy and can cause you injury at any moment? Our contributor, Nicole, gives us a peek into her daily life, so we can better understand what it’s like to live with an invisible illness. 

    We’re Done…Aren’t We? 

    Has your uterus been tugging for more kids? It’s a personal decision, but we bet you’ll relate to Robin’s experience of whether it was time to go from a family of four to a family of five.


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