Moms Drive Slowly, and We’re Not Apologizing For It


    I have noticed that I drive much slower these days, since becoming a mom. On one drive back into the city after spending time at my grandpa’s house in Piedmont, another driver got pretty upset with my slow lane speed (or, rather, lack of speed). We do this drive at least twice a month, and I always set the cruise control, unless there is traffic, at 50 miles per hour, the posted speed limit on the Bay Bridge.

    I try to stay in one of the far right lanes and usually have no problems, until one day, when a blue truck came up behind me flashing high beams and waving his hands in the air! There are tons of other lanes that this driver could have chosen, but he stayed behind me for a few minutes having a mini tantrum, like a toddler. When he finally went around me, he slowed down next to me and gave me a dirty look. I couldn’t believe it!  I felt like I needed to explain my driving choices, so I complied the following list to explain why moms respect the speed limit.  

    Moms are being safe!  This may sound obvious, but the safety of our children always comes first. Combining our slow speed with the fact that, for some reason, children never want to leave the house on time (putting shoes on leads to an epic battle occasionally at our house), and we are late to most everything. But even if we leave late, I am still driving the speed limit. 

    Moms are extending a car nap.  If your child happens to fall asleep in the car, and it is anywhere close to nap time, then you drive on.  Especially if you are like me and have a child who has major issues surrounding naps and sleep. I personally like to drive down Highway 1 because I love the ocean views down to Pacifica and back into San Francisco along Ocean Beach. Plus, this drive offers minimal stopping which helps if your little one wakes once the motion stops. 

    Moms are scanning for a drive thru.  There are not a lot of drive thru options available in San Francisco. However, the Colma Starbucks just outside of the city has a drive thru. Score!  Also, some stores and restaurants, like Target and California Pizza Kitchen, will even bring your goodies to the car at the curb/parking lot. This makes running errands so much easier with a toddler in tow, especially if they’re asleep in the car!

    So, the moral of the story is before you get irritated with the slow driver in front of you, remind yourself that it may be a mama who is just trying to enjoy the silence for as long as she can and is in search of coffee. 


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