What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day, According to an Actual Dad



tres evans and his two children tells us what real dads want for father's day
Tres, our guest writer, with his two children.

June is the beginning of summer, BBQs, and sandals. And it’s time for the annual celebration of dads—I’m not talking about a bad joke competition or socks and sandals fashion show but Father’s Day. Now, Father’s Day may still include bad jokes and poor fashion choices but that’s not the point of the day.

Over the next week or so, there will be a scramble to get dads gifts, so I’m sharing my thoughts on what dads really want for Father’s Day because most of us are hard to buy for (or so our wives say). I’ve been told I have to keep this appropriate for the forum but don’t forget that men appreciate a little extra romance too. 


“Self care” is a hot topic right now, so let’s start there. Most fathers will be pretty stoked about a relaxing massage. I know I never admit it when my wife suggests I get one, but I am always pumped after my massage. In addition to relaxing my muscles from a week of work, gym, and wrangling kids, I get an hour or so of quiet. My favorite place on the Peninsula is Llumier Wellsness in Redwood City. 

Outdoor Gear

For the outdoor gear, I am a sucker for GoRuck or Triple Aught Design.

GoRuck makes backpacks and other gear but also puts on challenge events. The events vary from insane physical challenges to skills-based courses. They all have instructors that are or were top tier operators in the military.

Triple Aught Design is a San Francisco based company with clothing and gear. I am a big fan of their hiking pants. I’ve slid down boulders and the pants held up without tearing. Plus, they are very comfortable though not the most fashionable (according to my wife).


For the grill master dad, don’t forget we always love a new gadget to help perfect the work of art we are preparing. The Meater is a wireless thermometer that links to your phone to help get that perfect temperature.

Or when your meat is too much to handle with traditional utensils, these claws are helpful in getting a hold of it. It is also a bit un-natural to BBQ without a cold beverage in the summer.

YETI seems to have perfected a wide range of cups and cozies to keep your beverage cold.

Where to Find More Ideas

If these ideas don’t seem like a fit there are a few cool websites that curate products: Huckberry and Gear Patrol are two of my favorites.

And don’t forget…

Presents are always great, but what’s more important than a physical gift is to remember to let dads know you appreciate them. I know all I really want this year is a fun day with the family and maybe not to do the dishes.

About the Author

Tres Evans is the husband of our Social Media Director, Erika


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