How Schitt’s Creek Prepared Us for Quarantine


My partner and I are five seasons into Schitt’s Creek, and it’s quickly becoming exactly what we need during this time of isolation. We began the show right before coronavirus started rocking our world, and I can’t help but notice many similarities between our current situation and that of the Rose family.

Here’s how the Roses prepared me for Sheltering In Place.

Their entire life was turned upside down overnight

Like many of us, the Roses were completely caught off guard by their drastic lifestyle change. While the cause is not the same, I can commiserate with Moira about how surreal life has become so quickly, and how it can be a struggle to adjust to a new and very different normal. They all went through various ways of denying their reality, which many of us can relate to, as well as the angst and uncertainty of what the future holds.

They were basically quarantined at their motel

Again, the cause is different, but their lack of a vehicle feels very similar to our current recreational restrictions of a mere five-mile radius from our house. I can appreciate their early exasperation that they could only go to places within walking distance, as well as all the planning that goes into one simple outing.

They eat the same things over and over again

Like many of us, they don’t have many options when it comes to dining; the Roses ate most of their meals at the neighborhood diner. We are trying not to order out much to save money, and I find myself relying on the same familiar meals because they are easy and food choices at the store are limited. This does feel monotonous and adds to the “Ground Hog day” feel of it all.

They were forced to spend way more time together as a family

The four of them had to share a two bedroom motel, and those close corners were challenging to say the least. They were easily annoyed with one another and had few others to turn to for support or engagement. Over time, it’s been really fun to see them truly enjoying each other’s company, which I can relate to. We’ve been having so much fun as a family, with slower mornings, more game nights than ever before, and new routines, that it’s hard to imagine how we will go back to our old schedules. As much as I long for more social interaction, I know I will miss all this time together once it’s gone.

They’ve become acutely aware of what really matters in life

We haven’t finished the series yet, but it’s clear that without their typical creature comforts, the family is learning what really matters, and how far off base they had been in their former life. They develop more stable relationships, learn the joys of life that can’t be bought, and are reminded that deep down we are all the same.

My own family tries our best to remain grounded, but there’s nothing like a federally enforced quarantine to help you really figure out what’s important to you. I’m so grateful for this time to reflect, as we are quickly learning all the trivial things we can live without.

As I write this, we are halfway through Season 5. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the show ends, and if it lends any further advice on how to navigate our new normal.

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