A Day of Dreams: Thomas and Percy’s Halloween Party

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These are hard days in California and around the country. It can be hard to protect our kids from the tragedies and nightmares happening around us. How much of our anxieties do they absorb? How much should we tell them? How do we help prepare them for their futures?

For a few hours last weekend, we escaped into a world where our kids’ dreams came true. We had a day out with Thomas the Train at Thomas and Percy’s Halloween Party!

My son has been talking about it for days. “Is it Sunday yet? Is it Sunday yet? Will Percy be there? I can’t wait to see Percy!! I looooove Percy! We are going to ride Thomas and Percy!” 

No surprise here, but my 3 year old son loves trains. If it’s any indication, for his 3rd birthday party this year, we had a “train” party, with a Thomas cake, a Thomas pinata, and then a ride on an actual choo-choo (aka one stop on the Caltrain). One of his presents was a Percy train – hence the beginning of his obsession with Percy.

In the intense anticipation leading up to our departure for Thomas, I interviewed my son about he he was feeling. Here’s a little slice into a 3 year old’s life:

Me: JJ, what did you dream about last night?
JJ: Trains! And turtles swimming away from a shark.
(Please keep dreaming my sweet boy)
Me: What are you most excited about for today?
JJ: I’m excited to go on the train!  I want to see Percy out the window!
(That’s wonderful, my love. Even though you are getting older, I hope you can stay excited for things like this)
Me: Are you scared of anything?
JJ: No! No, I’m not.
(I promise I will try to keep it this way, for as long as I can)
Me: What would you do if you were scared?
JJ: I would tell you.
(I will try my hardest to protect you and keep you safe, my sweet angel)
Me: What makes you happy?
JJ: When we go on the train!
(Life will be hard, and I hope and pray for so much happiness for you, my little boy)
Me: What is one of your favorite things?
JJ: When we see the trees!
(Yes trees are beautiful! I hope you can always appreciate their beauty)
Me: Do you like being 3?
JJ: I love being 3! I like 3 year olds. Am I still 3, Mommy?
(I love you being 3, too, my sweet. This is such a wonderful age, and you are an amazing boy)


Our day with Thomas and Percy was a wonderful reminder of what it’s like to be a 3 year old. I just want to protect this time, for as long as I can.

Not only did we get to ride Thomas the Train, but there was live music from Peter Apel, storytelling, pumpkin picking, arts & crafts, and the chance to meet the conductor and Sir Topham Hatt!

Yes, today was a day of dreams coming true. It was a day for childhood and play, a day for us all to get to be 3 again – with all the excitement, the innocence, the wonder.



Don’t miss your chance to see Thomas and Percy! 

A Day Out with Thomas : Thomas and Percy’s Halloween Party

WHEN: October  21 – 22 AND  28 – 29

TIME: 20 min Thomas the train rides depart hourly from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

WHERE: Roaring Camp Road5401 Graham Hill Rd, Felton, Ca 95018

Costumes welcomed!

Tickets for Day Out with Thomas: Thomas and Percy’s Halloween Party are on sale now! 

Plus, today on our Facebook page, we are giving away

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