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    Occasionally, our writers guest post for our sister site, Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. If you’re not automatically redirected to Inger’s author page on MPMB, click here to check out what she’s written!

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    Born and raised in the Philadelphia-area and holding both a U.S. and Swedish passport, Inger, a former environmental attorney who is in the process of reinventing herself, has lived in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters (born in 2006 and 2007) since 2008. Inger’s “son,” Charlie (a Ragdoll cat) joined the family in 2015, followed by two rabbits. Inger finds spiritual inspiration in yoga and the great outdoors and counts Swedish summers, Italian reds, and impromptu 80’s dance-parties among her favorite things. In addition to writing about all things mom, Inger especially loves to write narrative style pieces about her travels, which can be found at


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