Shopping with Kids Is Impossible!


    shopping with kids is so hard. Is it even worth it?Back in the day, pre-baby, my girlfriend and I used to have a few glasses of wine and go to Forever 21 for some buzzed shopping at its best. We love the store’s cute clothes and reasonable prices, but sipping and shopping was the only way we could handle the super loud music, high school girls and chaotic unorganization that is Forever 21. Still, it was the best way to shop! 

    Flash forward to present day shopping with a toddler in tow, and it is quite different. I hardly ever get to shop for myself these days, so I decided to brave Forever 21 with my little guy. I had planned ahead and brought him a few special snacks and small things to play with in his stroller. We went after nap with the hopes that he would be in a better mood. Since we were in Piedmont visiting Grandpa, we went to the outdoor shops at Emeryville. My little guy loves to be outdoors, so I was hopeful this shopping trip would be ideal for both of us. 

    I was wrong. 

    Two minutes after walking into Forever 21 my son started screaming in the stroller. I broke out the snacks and special cup and politely asked him, “Can Mama look around for a few minutes, please,” as if there is any reasoning with a toddler.. ugh. 

    There I was, completely sober, attempting to keep my son from screaming, while trying to look through packed racks of clothes. It wasn’t enjoyable at all, for either one of us, not to mention those around us shopping.  Then, I realized I will never be “forever 21” again, nor would I want to be.  I had fun in my twenties, but life is so much fuller with my son in it, even if it means my closet isn’t. 


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