I Left My Dog at the Grocery Store


    IMG_1145When I tell most people this story their immediate response is, “at least it wasn’t your kid.” I understand what they are saying.  Although, for me to leave my dog tied up outside of my local grocery store and walk all the way home only to have my husband remember that we had left our dog, was a rude awakening to me. It caused me to reflect on this particular point in my life.

    Prior to having my daughter, our dog was our life. We rushed home to take her out (if I didn’t take her to work with me). We traveled with her. We walked her daily. While we still love our dog, we rush home to our daughter now. And, if I’m being honest, my dog only gets walked on weekends (if we are lucky). But that’s not the point. The point is that I’m not that same, well-rested, always chipper person that I used to be. I used to be a long distance runner, now I don’t really run any distance. I’m also more forgetful (obviously). The list of “used-to-be’s” is a very long one.

    Then it hits me that it’s all ok. This stage of early wake-ups, constant movement, and few relaxing moments aren’t forever. I should be a little easier on myself. Our dog seems happier than ever to have little feet running around and someone giving her constant hugs. She was once alone for eight hours a day and now she is surrounded by people all the time. I find myself excited to see my daughter, Poppy, in the morning. When I walk into her room, she instantly removes the sting of an early morning wake up. It’s just sometimes hard to keep this in perspective when you are leaving your dog at the grocery store and forgetting words a six-year-old would know.

    I’ve found a few things that help when I’m particularly zombie-ish: Taking a nap, working out, going on a date with my husband, getting my nails done, or working on a sewing/knitting project.

    The bottom line:  there are too many great things going on to care about any of this. Enjoy the moments…even when you feel like a zombie.



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