I get ALL the tantrums


Have you ever felt like running away, leaving your family behind? Especially the toddler who everyone adores and praises on being the angelic child they see…


This holiday weekend was hard for me as my almost 3-year-old baby was screaming their lungs out asking for whatever-thing-of-the-moment.


I am glad that people are now talking about post-partum depression, but I don’t really see any support for the toddler stage other than “terrible 2s” comment. I need someone to stop constantly telling me how perfect that child is and look at me.


I get ALL the tantrums.


Not the daycare.

Not the grandparents.






And it is exhausting and debilitating at points when all I want is to curl up and hide.


But it’s not an option, right? I am the mom.


I need to be everything for this kid. Even if people tell “put your mask on first” blah-blah.


Never good enough mom trying to salvage brain and nerve cells.


I hear you. I am you.

Ask for help.

It’s ok. Even if not in the moment.

ASK FOR HELP! Anyone around you.


Don’t keep it inside.






The author of this article chose to keep her name private … writing can be therapy~


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