I Am Sound Sensitive.


    I hate ticking clocks, dripping taps, and clicking pens.

    I also startle and scream easily, especially in cinemas when a cute animal creeps up unexpectedly and jumps at the main protagonist. I do not do horror movies for that reason. Too much excitement is already present in my life.

    For 37 years, I thought there was something “wrong” with my nervous system because of ticking clocks, loud sounds, and so much more. I’ve thought that my nervous system is too “unstable,” unlike what “normal people” have.

    I am sound-sensitive.

    I did not know the term “sound sensitive” existed until 2021.

    Less than two years ago, I learned about neurodivergent aspects of human perception of the world around us.

    I discovered that my “unstable” reactions are not an ailment or a diagnosis to be treated.

    Through research and conversations, I gained a deeper understanding of my inner self, which led me to ask for help in learning to adapt to the world in a way that fits me and my ears.

    I Am Sound Sensitive.
    I Am Sound Sensitive.

    Support and help are not a sign of weakness!

    With my therapist’s help and a community of supporting female entrepreneurs, I learned that there is nothing wrong with me! I am unique, and this is just one aspect of my uniqueness.

    Sound sensitivity is an asset when utilized right:

    a) It allows me to hear better when my child needs help.

    b) It allows me to know when our tap needs changing.

    c) It allows me to relate better to my clients because, just like me, they are incredibly unique. And so are their rest practices, needs, and wants.

    Tools to help exist. Try and return as needed.

    I hear the “white canceling noise wave” from any fancy noise-canceling headphones. My dream set gave me an instant headache instead of the peace I was looking for at a price tag of many $$$. So I returned them after feeling sad because they were cute.

    I recently ordered extra fancy earplugs because I cannot do regular ones. I hoped they would keep me less agitated by the street sounds and people talking nonsense. The reality is – they are uncomfortable, so I will keep on searching for better ways to adapt.

    I am learning as I go to listen to my body and accept it as the magic it is!

    I am magic, like my hair color, skin color, or food preferences. Everything about me is unique.

    You are unique! And that is a good thing!

    If you feel something is “wrong” with you, your body, or your actions…Pause for a moment and look around.

    Where are these thoughts coming from?

    Are they truly your thoughts? Or has someone (i.e., family has a huge impact on our mindset) made you believe you need to change for their sake?

    Remember: even the closest of people around you might mean well, but they are not you!

    They will never experience the world the way you do.

    Please be gentle and kind to yourself.

    Trust yourself to be enough and ask for help and support in lifting you every day!

    Wishing you a restful and quiet day, and if you want dedicated support- visit my website www.restcoach.com to learn how we can work together.

    Your favorite Rest Coach!


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