I am making it a grand birthday celebration! 


    I was overwhelmed these last few weeks, so I decided that my daughter’s birthday this year would be celebrated with a cake after dinner with just us; mom, dad, birthday girl, and baby brother.

    A couple of days later, I had a change of mind. I wanted to make a grand celebration! After all, it’s not every day that our little princess turns two! What a milestone for her and our family. I wanted to share that with friends, extended family, and the community. 

    Last minute, I got busy with a menu and an invite list and ordered a pink-themed backdrop, props, and tableware. 

    I became aware that creating my daughter’s birthday celebration was recognizing her uniqueness and acknowledging her special presence in our lives. 

    When my life is hectic, and day-to-day living takes up so much mental space, I am grateful to have a day to remind myself and reflect on my child’s individualism.

    I am grateful that our daughter joined our family and grateful for a day to celebrate her growth and accomplishments. 

    My dearest little one, I organized a special birthday party for you because you brought joy, love, and warmth to my life and our family, friends, and neighbors on the day you were born. Every year on your birthday, we will remember and cherish that. 

    Devorie Levin, Co-founder of Chabad of the Neighborhood, enjoys playing with her kids and dancing to music in the kitchen. Devorie hosts Shabbat dinners and is the creator of the pop-up Kosher Deli on West Portal Ave. Connect with Devorie at ChabadNeighborhood.com


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