How To Nurture Your Child’s Eco-Consciousness


    How To Nurture Your Child’s Eco-Consciousness

    Cultivating your child’s respect for the environment and understanding of the natural world enriches your kid’s life. Not to mention, it empowers them to make decisions that protect our planet. Consider using these tips to nurture your child’s eco-consciousness.

    Spend Time in Nature

    The more time your child spends in nature, the more connected they will feel to the environment. Activities like hiking, riding bikes on a trail, and camping with family and friends inform your child’s understanding of their place in the natural world. Without these experiences, many lessons and conversations about sustainability, conservation, and responsible, eco-friendly decision-making will feel abstract. Have your child spend more time outdoors and they will quickly see what makes it so great.

    Decrease Waste in Your Home

    You can nurture your child’s eco-consciousness by purposefully decreasing the waste your household generates. From how you use electricity to the food you buy, you have several opportunities to make eco-friendly choices.

    You don’t have to live a barebones lifestyle to lower your waste generation. For example, reducing your reliance on single-use bottles, cups, platters, and other items can make a difference. And using your groceries before they go bad will ensure you get the most out of your money and avoid wasting the resources it took to create the food. Have conversations with your child about how your household limits waste generation.

    Avoid Clutter

    While most people easily accumulate unnecessary items, mindfully selecting the items that enter your home can help prevent hassle down the road. Periodically take inventory of what you have in your home to avoid holding on to things that no longer serve you or your family.

    You can model these values for your child and let your kid follow them, too. For example, making intentional choices to avoid clutter is one of the keys to making your child’s room more eco-friendly. Let your child participate in decluttering and keeping their room organized to help them learn responsible ownership.


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