How To Make Your Home More Welcoming for Guests


    How To Make Your Home More Welcoming for Guests

    Your home may ideally suit you, but how is it for guests seeing it for the first time? If you want to make your home more welcoming for guests, read on. Our guide will show you how!

    Liven Up the Entryway

    The first thing your guests will see of the exterior and interior of your home is the entryway, so that’s an excellent place to start! If you have a walkway to your door, make sure you properly illuminate it and consider adding some greenery and décor around the walkway and up to the front door.

    Inside the front door, ensure the entryway is well-lit but not so overbearing that it feels like stepping into a spotlight! Consider adding a statement piece to your entryway to set the tone for the rest of the home. An elegant mirror, a historical light fixture, or a colorful rug could work well.

    Add Natural Greenery

    People like being around natural, living things, so consider adding some plants and flowers to make your home more welcoming for guests! If you already have some plants in your home, consider moving them to more prominent places when guests arrive to showcase your green thumb.

    If you don’t have any plants or flowers in your home, you can change that. There are many low-maintenance but beautiful houseplants that you can add to your house easily, such as:

    • Swiss cheese plant
    • Spider plant
    • ZZ plant
    • Snake plant
    • Chinese evergreen

    Use Incense To Create an Aroma

    When guests enter your home, you want to welcome all of their senses, including their noses! Don’t underestimate the power an intoxicating aroma can have in pulling guests into your home and helping them feel at ease.

    Some will bake cookies whenever guests come over. But if you don’t want to become a baker, consider adding some incense scents! Ideally, you should pick a unique incense that’s right for you so that it stands out every time friends and family visit. Holidays are also a great time to change everything up!

    Make Seating Intimate and Convenient

    When it comes time for guests to sit back and relax in the living room or den, you want to make seating comfortable, intimate, and easy to get to. Pay careful attention to the seating arrangement in the room. Chairs and furniture that are closer together will feel more intimate and prevent people from having to talk across the room at each other.

    Also, ensure it’s easy for people to get to the seating so that they don’t have to navigate around furniture and objects to take a seat. Make sure you have comfortable pillows and blankets waiting for them to help them relax when they get to the furniture as well.

    Keep these things in mind, and we’re sure the next time you host a dinner party, game night, or family gathering, it’ll be a hit!


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