{Homemade Art Projects with Sara} Make Your Own Memory Game


    This is a series of posts by our contributor Amy, where she shares fun and easy art projects that she does with her 5-year-old daughter, Sara. All of the homemade art projects are designed for and/or by Sara and are meant to be low cost (always), worth keeping/gifting (sometimes), and a manageable mess (never).

    Art: Make your own memory game

    Occasion: A necessary activity for kids & adults

    Level of Difficulty: 2 (Low)

    Materials: 1 sheet of white paper, scissors, crayons, markers and/or gel pens

    Memory games are great for kids to develop their memory and for adults to keep it. You really only play them when either you are a kid or you have kids. Turns out, the time in between does not make the memory grow stronger. Sara got a memory game that we played together and, at first, it was painful (for me). After a few tries, we both got better, until we lost a piece. So we decided to make our own.

    Step 1: Fold & cut your paper

    1. Fold the white sheet of paper four times down and four times across to score 16 square-ish shapes.
    2. Cut along the scores to make 16 equal size game pieces.

    Step 2. Decorate your game pieces

    1. Use whatever art supplies you like (crayons, markers and/or gel pens) to create 8 fun game pieces and their matches.

    Step 3. Have fun with your designs

    1. As long as they each have a match, the game pieces can be anything you want.

    Step 4. Always remember the most important piece

    1. How hard she laughed when she drew the “baby chick reading a book and pooping.”

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    Amy is a technologist by trade and a writer by nature. Wife to a dashing web designer, mother to a beautiful, thoughtful daughter, adorable, slightly less civilized son, and a Yorkshire Terrier who came first and is still waiting for the non- furry babies to leave. As a work-from-home mom, she believes work/life balance is not a concept but a daily (sometimes exhausting) goal. She is always in search of a community that fosters her belief that sameness is boring, money is only a means to see the world and there are no rules we should impose on one another in this life other than Be Kind. She loves her family, lives to travel, and firmly believes that a homemade meal, a handmade cocktail and an episode of the Bachelor (a day late because she doesn’t own a tv) can cure almost anything.


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