Use Galentine’s Day to Plan Your Next Girls’ Road Trip!

This post is in partnership with Chevy.chevy suburban 2019 car review

Galentine’s Day might be our favorite made-up holiday. It takes place every February 13 and is a chance to show the ladies in your life how much you appreciate their friendship and support. Why not take it a step further and use your gal time to plan a weekend away? If you haven’t enjoyed extended time away with just your friends since your kids were born, then it’s time. We promise you will feel completely renewed after the trip (and, yes, your partner can handle it while you’re gone). 

A few weeks ago, our executive team met up in Colorado Springs with the owners of our sister sites in Southern California: San Diego, Orange County, and Corona for some girl-time of our own at the City Moms Blog Sister Site Conference. We knew we’d need a big vehicle to transport the six of us and all of our luggage from the Denver airport to Colorado Springs, so we partnered with Chevy to borrow a 2019 Suburban SUV for the weekend. It was absolutely perfect! We had so much fun in the car that we made a short video about it. 

[xyz-ihs snippet=”chevy-suburban-youtube-video”]

Half the fun of a road trip is the trip itself, so it’s crucial to all be in the same car. The Suburban makes that possible and then some. It has a ton of space, the second and third-row seats fold flat, and it’s equipped with all of the creature comforts of home: WiFi, Apple CarPlay7 and Android Auto 8, two drop-down screens to watch movies and shows, and built-in USB ports and charging stations.

And when you’re back to reality, schlepping kids to and from school or driving around waiting for the baby to fall asleep, you’ll love Suburban’s smooth ride, safety features, and great visibility (one of our drivers for the weekend is only 5’2″ and she loved it!).

If you’re debating whether to buy a minivan or an SUV, stop the debate now and test drive the new Suburbans. Decision made.


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