Teach Your Kids to Save Energy and Make Some Cash

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earn money by turning off the lights with OhmIt is important to teach kids today about energy and how to conserve it, even little toddlers!  I can’t tell you how many times I have yelled upstairs to my toddler, “Turn off the lights!” My 15 month old “discovered” the concept of the light switch this week, actually, and it has been a constant battle over the last few days – ON, OFF, ON, OFF!  If you have kids, I know you feel me. 

So, how about sitting down with your kids and teaching them about energy, how to save it, why it’s important, and MAKE SOME CASH!

Yes, California residents can sync their utility accounts to OhmConnect, an energy sharing program that actually pays you for saving energy. 

“OhmConnect is a service designed to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting you when you should save energy.”

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about energy – how it makes our lives so much better, but that it isn’t free. You can keep it super basic for little ones or for older kids – check out Energy Star Kids, an interactive teaching website!
  2. Sign up for OhmConnect and sync it to your online utility account (have your utility information handy).
  3. You then will receive notifications during “#Ohmhours” These are high energy-use hours that require more energy than expected.  This extra energy requires an extra local power plant to turn on to compensate, which then releases more carbon emissions. 
  4. Decrease your energy use during these “#Ohmhours.”  Turn off the lights, turn off your TV, unplug your phone, etc. Sit with your children and read, play a game, go out for a walk. Teach them that you are decreasing your energy usage to help the environment!
  5. Get paid!

Not only will you have a lower electricity bill, but OhmConnect pays you for your savings! 

“That’s how OhmConnect works. Your household electricity reductions are sold back into the grid, a dirty power plant stays off, and we pass back those earnings to you. It’s never been easier to live green and make green.”


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