Spruce Up for Spring: How DIY Projects Can Improve Your Mood This Season


Spring is in the air and it’s time to begin tackling those spring projects you have been dreaming of. Flexing your DIY muscles will go a long way towards enhancing the function and look of your space and changing how you feel. You can go after any project you like, whether it’s a semi-major renovation or a smaller task. Anything you do to beautify or improve your home will make you feel accomplished, proud, and more at ease.

Your Environment Can Impact Your Emotions

One of the main ways that DIY projects can improve your mood is by improving your environment, as well. The environment in which you live has a tremendous effect on your attitude and your well-being. This effect can be positive or negative. A cluttered, messy space causes stress and anxiety. The same is true if you’re spending time in the home and constantly looking around at all the home improvements and projects that need to get finished.

There’s no standard that you need to follow here. People respond to different environments. For you, tackling this project could mean getting rid of your clutter and trash to adopt a minimalist aesthetic. Then again, it could also involve rearranging the living room or making your home more energy-efficient. Whatever makes you feel happy and at ease is good enough. The important thing to remember is to tackle projects that will improve your wellbeing physically and mentally, whatever those projects may be.

Spending Time Doing Something Worthwhile

Anytime you can focus your energy on a valuable or worthwhile task, it’s great for your mood. Tasks that are worth the effort and time you put toward them will make you feel accomplished once you finish them. The sense of pride you experience is more than enough to flood you with positive emotions that make you feel better.

To that end, try not to pick out projects that are beyond your scope. There are plenty of tasks that invite the DIY approach. That all depends on your skills, as well as your experience with home improvement. You may have the know-how to add a mudroom to your home, put down tile in the bathroom, or update the door locks hardware for a fresh look with increased safety. However, certain jobs may require the help of the pros.

That’s okay. As you make a to-do list of projects you want to perform, create a second list of items that need an expert touch. If possible, book an appointment to have someone come take a look at the job and give you an estimate. There may be aspects of the task that you can do yourself. Otherwise, focus on your list of do-it-yourself projects. They’re just as important, and you can tackle them yourself.

Everyone Needs a Distraction

Occasionally, your mind needs a distraction. Focusing on something will give your mind a break from its troubles. You can get lost in a DIY project as simple as refinishing and painting a table or cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.

Whether you take on a large or small task, you can give it your all. If you’re pondering a problem or dealing with feelings of anxiety, then you can rest your mind by working with your hands and the rest of your body. Throw yourself into whatever project you choose.

By the time you accomplish your refurbishment or renovation, you may find it easier to tackle your problem. The time you spend fixing or improving something can also provide the distraction you need to come out on the other side with positive emotions and a brighter outlook overall.

Creativity Leads to Happiness

Creative pursuits make you happier. They can calm you, as well. Being creative will also improve how you feel. Even if you’re more analytical or logical, indulging in your creative side opens up something inside of you. Letting your imagination run wild—or almost wild, at least—will get you excited. When you use your creativity to complete DIY projects around the house, you’ll look forward to getting up and getting to work on your task. Once you step back and take in the finished project, you’ll have the opportunity to see the fruits of your creativity, which will ramp up your mood, as well.

Clearing Clutter Can Clear Your Mind

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. It may not be the right time to pull up the carpet in the guest room or change your kitchen counters, but small tasks are as rewarding as monumental ones. Cleaning up the clutter is a worthwhile activity that will have a profoundly positive effect on your peace of mind.

Making Excellent Use of Your Time

Performing valuable tasks is the best use of your time. You feel productive as well as accomplished. To center yourself a bit and improve how you feel, a DIY renovation is a perfect outlet for your energy. Once again, the pride you feel upon the completion of a project does wonders for your well-being. It doesn’t matter what you do, only that you do it well and finish it in its entirety.

You Can Do Something Productive with the Family

Another way to use DIY activities to boost your spirits is to get the whole family involved. Doing things together is always a treat. It’s that much better when you can work together to improve the space that all of you share. Just as importantly, you have the opportunity to accomplish more because you’re doing it as a team. Let’s not fail to mention the quality time you can all spend together.

When Everything Looks Better, You Feel Better

How do you feel when you debut a new hairstyle or outfit? Do you find that you feel uplifted when you get to roll through town in a new car? When things look better, you feel better. That applies to your home and your landscaping, as well. Every time you return home, enter a new room, or step out into your newly-fenced backyard, it will seem like you’re entering a brand new space full of cleanliness and good vibes. Once you’re finished with a space, try to spend more time in that room.

Use your free time to spruce up your sanctuary. In addition to uplifting your mood, your DIY home improvement projects can amplify the curbside appeal of your home and increase its value overall. Although those are both benefits, for the moment, focus on improvements that please you first and foremost. Let us know how you intend to celebrate spring with a DIY activity. What are you doing in your home?

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional who works with companies like Door Locks Direct. She often covers developments in HR, business, recruiting, real estate, law and finance, but also enjoys writing about travel, interiors and events.


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