Simplify Your Grocery Shopping with Garbi


This post is in partnership with Garbi.

Kelly and Sara show off the Garbi trash can which makes grocery shopping fast and easy

I hosted a Facebook Live this week with Sara from Garbi to learn new tips and best practices for grocery shopping and how Garbi can help you avoid grocery store horror stories by streamlining how you get groceries delivered to your home. Check out the Facebook Live below and sign up here if you want to get a free Garbi trash can in your kitchen. Keep scrolling for more information about Garbi! 

Garbi is a smart trash can that recognizes what you throw away and reorders items through delivery services such as Amazon/Instacart. I was a part of Garbi’s first beta test in the fall and they are looking for more San Francisco families to try their new and improved cans.

Here’s more about how it works:

Chances are good that if you’re reading this you fit the needs of a Garbi User: 

– Families who buy groceries
– Living in the San Francisco Bay Area

The perks of participating in the Garbi beta:

– Prototype (No Cost)
— Free grocery delivery for the duration of the Beta

How you’ll help Garbi in return: 

– 15 minutes of feedback every other week (generally via phone call or survey)
– Patience as they build out foundational features
Garbi recently won Top Pick & Most Innovative Hardware Startup at Tech Crunch Disrupt and was a finalist at the Smart Kitchen Summit! Click below to complete a short survey and sign up for your Garbi! 


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