Getting Your Car’s Oil Changed No Longer Has to Be a Chore

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oil change san francisco
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If you are like me, the thought of trying to get an oil change or your car maintained often gets put on the back burner. I tend to blame my little one for the reason I am putting it off because I just dread the thought of taking him with me. Some oil changing locations don’t have a place to wait, and now with a mobile baby, trying to keep him distracted while I hold him for thirty plus minutes does not sound like fun.  

Enter YourMechanic. This idea could have been developed by a mother, it’s so genius and convenient – It wasn’t, but there is no doubt that I will be using them again in the future. It completely changed my whole perspective on getting my car maintained.  

First, they are affordable. When you go online to make an appointment, they email you a quote.  Once you accept the quote, you make an appointment, and it is smooth sailing from there. I did research on the pricing in the area, and it was the same, if not cheaper in some cases.

Second, they come to your house or business! Yes, let me say that again, my busy mamas.  They come to your house! Our precious time will no longer be taken up by car maintenance shops.

You don’t feel like you got ripped off. Or, that they are trying to trick you into spending more money. This is one of my stressors when I take my car to other shops. With YourMechanic, you will not feel that way. They are straight forward and honest.

Customer Service is 5 stars.  Our mechanic, Alfred, was just amazing!  He was nice, personable, and ready to work. It was the best oil change experience I have ever had.  After the service, he even told us what else needed to be done to our car.  Our car needed more coolant, and he explained how to do it (The car has to be cool to do it).  He also informed us that the AC belt was cracking, but didn’t need to be changed until the next oil change.  Very grateful for the honesty!

It’s so easy. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will not have to think about it again. The day before the appointment they texted me a reminder asking if there is anything else they should know.  On the day of the appointment, they sent me a text when my mechanic was on his way, and I could literally track where he was. I didn’t, but I thought that was pretty awesome. Once they arrive, a final text was sent letting me know they were there. This was incredible! By the time the mechanic said he was on his way, I was putting my little one down for a nap. By the time he arrived, my baby was sleeping in his bed!  As he worked on the car, I got a little me time!

Flexiblility.  Yup, they even work on the weekends. This was a surprise to me when making my appointment, but I was able to get my oil change done on a Sunday, that also happened to fall on a three-day weekend.

oil change san francisco
Photos courtesy of YourMechanic

I could go on and on about how amazing and wonderful my experience was with YourMechanic, but I am sure you prefer to just hop online and experience car maintenance in a whole new way yourself!

They’re offering a special until September 30, so don’t wait to schedule your appointment.

Click here to sign up.    

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