Jupiter Offers Out-of-This-World Personalized Grocery Shopping Experience


I recently tried out a new grocery delivery service called Jupiter, and now I’m hooked. Jupiter is not your average grocery delivery service – they are a re-imagined, bespoke concierge service for your essentials.

Think of Jupiter like a nanny or housekeeper, but for your groceries. You are assigned a dedicated team of the same three people – your team – who will bring your groceries into your home and organize them in your home every week and selectively collects inventory data for the next re-stocking. They can do this all on a scheduled day while you’re at work or out of town. Just think, you come home at night and find everything you need for the following week, all put away. Amazing, right?

The team at Jupiter is dedicated to the environment and is committed to being waste-free. Other grocery delivery services I’ve tried all seemed to generate so much waste, and I always cringed a little, knowing that my convenience came at that expense. Not so with Jupiter. They didn’t leave any plastics or boxes behind, staying true to their philosophy of operating with sustainability in mind.

Here’s something else I learned about Jupiter, which is pretty awesome. The staff is paid above market. I love supporting a company that pays a living wage in the Bay Area. Speaking of the staff, Jupiter is made up of some of the brightest, warmest, most considerate employees I have encountered in the service industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, Jupiter is continuing their services with contactless deliveries, with a special emphasis on serving families, essential workers, and the vulnerable.

Need your groceries and essentials stocked?

Sign up for Jupiter now and experience the new age of convenience yourself!

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Some of the moms from the SFBAM team also tried Jupiter’s out-of-this-world services – read what they have to say below:

“Initially, I couldn’t see the value proposition of yet another grocery delivery service, but Jupiter has been a saving grace for our family during this difficult time! They show up, with what I ordered, on time, and are smiling and friendly. Before the pandemic, when I did have the opportunity to experience their full in-home service, I was really impressed with their friendliness, efficiency, and the care they took to deliver and stock my groceries in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I love, love, love the fact that there is no packaging after the delivery is done! Earlier this week, I received a delivery of groceries from another service, and a single pack of frozen blueberries came delivered with 2 ice packs, a freezer bag, and a brown paper bag. There was far more packaging than blueberries!  I love that this does not happen with Jupiter. I love the idea of supporting a local business that provides such a critical service for my family, and does so without any waste.” Jen

“Jupiter is the solution busy parents have been waiting for! Grocery delivery is great but it only gets you 60% of the way there. Jupiter provides the other 40%. The service does all your shopping, across multiple stores, and then puts all the groceries away at your house for you. This service is great for families that have two parents who work outside the home. I liked being able to shop from Costco, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s all in one go. I also appreciated that the packaging was minimal and they take all the transporting supplies with them when they leave.” Alessandra

“…The customer service was on point. It was a 5-star service all the way! I was able to message Jupiter with a few items I couldn’t find and they did add those to our list, which was great. What makes it stand out from other delivery systems, is that as our personal shopper will get to know you over time, they will have a better idea of our preferences in terms of product replacements and maybe even occasionally throw in something new for us to try out. I really LOVE the concept of Jupiter. The staff is amazing. The idea is great, and there is so much potential for Jupiter to revolutionize grocery shopping into a white glove service.” Jenn

*The promo code will give SFBAM readers $18 off groceries on their first order with Jupiter.


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