Home Organizing Tips for Your Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning season is here! Cleaning and organizing are proven to be therapeutic for a lot of adults, and even kids. As a professional organizer, I have discovered a lot of neat (pun intended) tricks and tools to help me organize my space.

Follow me as I bring you into my home and share some of the organizing tricks I have applied in my own house in the video series below:

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Andrea is an expert in residential organization for the last 10 years, and has helped over 700 clients in New York and California to create the home they always imagined. She has been rated number #1 Professional Organizers by Yelp users in San Francisco. For the past two decades, Andrea has followed the mantra if something new comes in, then something old goes out. This reduce/recycle approach has served her well moving from the sprawling suburbs of Long Island to space-challenged apartments in Manhattan and finally to San Francisco where years of shared-living situations have made her an expert in managing space and inventory. Throughout her relocations and professional development, Andrea has found her optimal organizational balance: a balance that has rewarded her with a profound sense of freedom. This freedom has afforded her the opportunity to pursue the things she feels most passionate about – sharing life experiences with friends and family, yoga, running, travel, and now, helping others bring organizational balance to their lives. www.andreawait.weebly.com


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