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OnTech smart services in-home technology installation

I’d like to think that I have a “smart home,” but I know my house is more like a D+ student. We have smart TVs, use Google Nest for our thermostat, Ring for our video doorbell, and we have something that boosts the WiFi signal throughout our house— but I recently learned that I never hooked it up correctly, and, if anything, it’s been weakening our WiFi signal this whole time. 

And that is actually a great metaphor for the entire state of our in-home technology. None of our devices are integrated with each other, and we’re probably taking advantage of 20% of the capabilities of any one device.

Basically, we’re wasting money. Our intentions were good—we wanted our home to run as efficiently and conveniently as possible— but neither my husband nor I am tech-savvy, and, frankly, we really don’t care to be. 

Needless to say, when I heard that DISH recently launched OnTech Smart Services in San Francisco, I was all ears. OnTech installs, integrates, and educates consumers on smart home devices, home networking, and entertainment systems from top brands like Google Nest, Ring, Linksys, Wemo, Roku®, Yale, Polk Audio, Klipsch Audio, and more.

You can purchase smart home products and services online directly from and schedule convenient delivery and installation appointments as soon as the same day. Appointments include one-on-one education from a professionally trained technician to teach you how to operate and personalize your new smart home products.

Or, if you’re like me and already invested in some of these devices, you can schedule OnTech to come set them up properly and teach you how to use them. 

When we moved into our current home, it took my husband no less than three hours to mount one TV. He’s a very smart man, but without the proper tools (a long-enough level would have made this task so much easier), with a one-year-old tugging at his pants while he tried  to concentrate, and with me unable to help because I was, you know, doing something “less important” like unpacking dishes in the kitchen, it was an overall disaster. We vowed never to do it again, and I’m relieved to know we won’t have to.

OnTech technicians can handle TV mounting, power relocation, fishing wires, cord management, digital TV antenna installation, and more. Since the mere mention of gigabytes and gigahertz makes my eyes glaze over, and I once spent four months walking five blocks to FedEx-Kinkos whenever I needed to print something rather than figuring out how to get my wireless printer back online, this kind of comprehensive service is music to my ears.

OnTech Smart Services techniciansOnTech recently launched here in San Francisco and their team of technicians is highly experienced. OnTech Smart Services began as DISH Smart Home Services in 2011 when DISH expanded its scope from satellite TV installations and repair to a wide range of other in-home technology-related services. They recognized there was an underserved group of people who either didn’t have the time or weren’t comfortable setting up and learning how to use in-home technology themselves (hi, that’s me) and wanted the peace of mind professional installation brings.

To launch OnTech, DISH handpicked and professionally trained the technicians from its In-Home Services group which holds a 95 percent overall customer satisfaction rating, a 4.7 star rating on Amazon (or 94 percent positive), and was ranked #1 by J.D. Power for telecom in-home service technician satisfaction in both 2018 and 2019.

OnTech is currently in 11 markets and is still growing: Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and St. Louis. 

Welcome to the neighborhood, OnTech. Please, come right in! 


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