Games to Play During the Academy Awards (Hosting a Party Not Required)


oscars party games

I am not a movie buff, and I can’t recall the last film I saw in a movie theater (or even at home, for that matter), but I still make it a point to watch the Academy Awards every year. The star-studded red carpet, glamorous evening gowns, funny-ish opening monologue, presenter pairs, and the occasionally surprising acceptance speeches are enough to keep me vested in the show. And, lucky for us on the west coast, we can record the program when it airs live at 5:00 PM on ABC and then fast forward through the commercials and the slow parts of the show later in the night.

Since I typically know nothing about the nominees, my Oscar ballot is full of wild guesses, so I started looking into other games to play with my husband to make watching the show feel more like an event and not just another Sunday night in front of the TV.

To be clear, we are NOT hosting an Oscars party. On a Sunday night with kids in the house? No thanks. This is purely an excuse to drink a little bubbly on a school night and watch pretty people congratulate themselves. 

Oscar Bingo | This bingo board from Punch Bowl is updated each year with current nominees and some common events you can expect during the night, like someone pulling out a written speech or flubbing a line. See who can get bingo first!

The Whining Awards | I made up an entire list of ridiculous (but true) awards you could give to your children. Which ones would your kids win?

Let the Band Play | As soon as the winner’s name is announced, bet on whether that person’s speech will be cut off by music and for how long they’ll keep talking after the music starts. 

Kid-Friendly Oscars | This list of kid-friendly Oscar-themed games has some cute ideas. My favorite is Silly Ballots where you award Oscars for new categories: funniest joke, silliest hairstyle, best/worst presenter.

Play the Official Oscar® Game | If you are a movie buff, participate in this interactive game during the awards show. There will be trivia, polls, and stories featuring some classic moments from the Oscars.

Enjoy the show!



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