Creative Ways To Make Your Hallways More Interesting


An elegant white hallway facing the front of a house. The doors and stair railings are a dark gray color.

An overlooked part of the home that often lacks decorations is your hallways. Avoid boring your guests with dull hallways by livening them up with something unique. Check out these creative ways to make your hallways more interesting so that they align with your home’s design.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to draw someone in and get them engaged beyond small talk. These picture walls add personality and visual interest to your hallway. Creating a collection of art, photographs, and prints transforms a blank, dull wall into a captivating feature.

Get Creative With Picture Frames

A great way to get you inspired about curating a gallery wall is DIY. Choosing to DIY your own oversized picture frames allows you to customize the sizes and styles to fit your specific taste and space. Using a variety of frames will enable you to conceptualize a look that’s attention-grabbing and adds depth to your hallway.

2. Install Statement Lighting

Lighting is crucial in the hallway—don’t let guests fumble for shoes or coats in the dark! Add statement and practical lighting. Both of these illumination concepts make the space practical and stylish.

How Important Is Lighting Choice?

Very! You want the lighting style you pick to complement the rest of the home. Picking something like a classic chandelier could be the way to go, or for a modern appearance, consider sleek styles like a floor lamp without a shade.

3. Add a Flower Wall

One way to make a home feel more serene, refreshing, and tranquil is to add a flower wall. A flower wall, whether composed of artificial or natural plants, is a unique way to bring life and color to your hallway.

Why Add a Sprig of Nature Into Your Corridors?

A flower wall can work in any hallway—from cityscape apartments to countryside farmhouses—to make the space feel tranquil and uplifting.

Flower walls are low maintenance, and whether you choose artificial or real plants, you can arrange them any way you’d like to fit your style.

4. Use Bold Wallpaper

Many people shy away from wallpaper, but don’t let it be your defeat. Those halls are yours, and you have every right to elevate the space with something eye-catching and fun that represents you!

What Kinds of Wallpaper Should You Choose?

The question isn’t truly what should you choose—it’s more like, what will you choose? From geometric patterns to a painted mural, these wall placements set the story of yourself and your household. Selecting a wallpaper that represents you makes changing a room easier.

From Simple Corridors to Stunning Hallways

Transforming your hallway doesn’t require a complete overhaul. With a few creative touches, you can make this often-neglected space the highlight of your home. You’ve got the drive to transform your hallway, so use these ideas as your roadmap from a simple corridor to a stunning hallway.


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