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Our weekly schedules are shaped by all the obligations we have getting our kids to class, working, caring for our homes, and nurturing our relationships. It’s easy to get caught up in what has to get done and lose the spark for fun, but getting away for just a short while from our routines and usual surroundings brings a new perspective to our way of thinking, allows us to shake up our routine and bring in a sense of adventure. Sometimes stepping away can be challenging when it requires extra planning and coordination, but it’s always worth it, and there are services out there to make it easier, like Filld – an App-based service that refuels/fills-up your gas tank on the go. No more need to stop at the gas station!

I’ll share more on the convenience of Filld in a moment. First, let’s talk about how and why you should make this getaway happen.

Routines are meant to be broken.

According to Meg Selig in Psychology Today our routines are actually super healthy. They create structure and reduce our need for constant decision-making, which brings us comfort. Still, it’s good to disrupt them to make sure they don’t become stale or confining. Meg suggests if your routine is so pleasant and comforting that you “don’t get creative ideas anymore, forget the values and goals behind your routine, feel your mind closing down, or realize you’ve lost your balance between work, relationship, and play” that you consider disrupting your routine.

Set your course for adventure.

life hacks filld gas deliveryYou do not have to go far to shake things up. A short road trip will do wonders and this could be a day trip, a weekend trip, or a great use of a three-day weekend. Here are three family-friendly hidden gems in the area and ten more weekend getaways to consider. It doesn’t matter how long the trip is or when you take it, as long as you do it every once in a while. So where to? I’ve found that getting away from the busier “hip” weekend activities around the area to discover less popular destinations helps to re-energize our family. We also like to choose someplace with beauty and nature. Living in the city, we often forget the value of taking in fresh oxygen when surrounded by trees or at the ocean.

Allow yourself to turn off the needs of the world for part of the time.

life hacks filld gas deliveryWhen my family is close to reaching our destination safely, I like to put my phone on airplane mode so that I can still take photos without receiving texts, calls, email, or social media notifications. The simple act of turning these things off helps me to quiet the running To Do list, so I can simply be present with my family and get more out of the new surroundings.

Plan ahead so that you have the energy for the trip.

Our mom jobs come with us on these types of adventures. Plan ahead so you are not juggling too much just before the trip and spend the whole vacation overtired. This can include cleaning more of the house over the weekdays, packing clothes on Thursday and snacks on Friday and getting the car prepped early.

I also like to get a bit of help on weeks I know we’ll be going on an adventure. Letting others take care of some of the tasks means more energy for enjoyment! This time, instead of having to head to the gas station to fill up the gas tank for our adventure I scheduled a delivery from Filld.

gas delivery service
All I had to do was set the location in the free Filld app, schedule my delivery window, pop my flap, and when we loaded the family in the car, we were set for our adventure!

The great thing about this type of service is that they can be built into my routine to make my life even easier. I don’t have to be present while they fill my tank, and it saves me time from having to run around town. After all, getting out the door is already an achievement! Why not have some of the help come to me?

life hacks filld gas deliveryI stuck around to see how they fill up my car. I first envisioned them bringing gas jugs to the car, but to my surprise, they actually have an amazing truck with all three types of octanes. The gas delivery driver was incredibly professional. He even set out cones for passing drivers and used a towel so that no gas would spill onto our car. After he filled up the tank, he took the time to ensure that my tank was really full. This type of going-the-extra mile customer service is becoming increasingly rare and shows how much the company cares that their customers are satisfied.     

I hope this encourages you to go on an adventure even if it is only for a few hours. Breaking routines is not only good for you but provides a new perspective and an excuse to unwind and rejuvenate for a fuller, more enjoyable life. Go get “Filld!”

Filld gas delivery



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