5 New Safety Tech Finds for Modern Families


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Amber Replay Life Memories

It’s no secret that privacy concerns are at an all-time high. And when it comes to our families, these concerns appear even more serious. How do we protect our kids from the dangers of social media? What about those photos we posted from our daughter’s first day of school? Or the day our son took his first steps? Who is experiencing these extremely personal memories with us? 

According to a recent report released by Common Sense, numerous smart toy devices used by children have the power to leave millions of families’ personal data compromised. All it takes is one unexpected cyber attack.  

So what’s the solution? We can’t say for sure. In the meantime, we rounded up five of our favorite smart gadgets that will help keep your family safe and protected, starting with… 


Amber Package + App (2)

For most of us, the images and videos collected during our children’s lives are among our most prized possessions. Recently introduced is a brilliant new product called Amber, the world’s first AI-powered storage vault that keeps files safe on a private home cloud network. This device is designed specifically for modern families, which also means it is easy to use. Amber even features automatic backups for files and saves your information twice, just in case it gets lost or accidentally deleted. Learn more at www.myamberlife.com

Hack Laptop

hack laptop for kids

Your family will love this robust, affordable product that was recently voted Best First Laptop by Parents Magazine. Combining education, security, and fun for your child through kid-friendly technology, The Hack teaches kids how to code with ease. It is also ad-free, virus-resistant and comes with parental controls so you can monitor your child’s usage while knowing their safety is protected. The Hack can be used by children ages 8 and up. Check it out at www.hack-computer.com or purchase it on Amazon.  


lynq tracking devices

Parents are buzzing about this up-and-coming device, which offers tracking for groups and families anywhere within a 3-mile radius. LynQ does not require WiFi and the gadget clips right onto your belt or keychain for easy access and transport. You can purchase the device in a three-pack or you can link up to 12 units together total. It is weatherproof and waterproof, too, so you can bring it on your next trip to the waterpark or beach without worry. Learn more at lynqme.com

Circle with Disney

circle with disney

We love this device, which has actually been around for quite some time. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Circle is a device created by Disney that gives parents control over family Internet habits. You can set screen time restraints and time limits for your kids while giving them the freedom to choose how they use that time and when. The best part? You can make all connected devices from wherever you or your kids are using the Circle App. Learn more at meetcircle.com or purchase the device on Amazon.   

Furbo Dog Camera

furbo dog camera

We can’t forget about our furry friends! The Furbo Dog Camera, which is a fabulous gadget that makes it easy to monitor your pets when you’re away from home, gives every dog parent peace of mind. We love it for two reasons: first, the device offers an inside look at the secret life of your pet with clear streaming quality and video you can access straight from your phone. Furbo also serves as another form of home security when you’re out and about during the day. Its two-way 160-degree camera also offers microphone and dispensing functions so you can reward your pet with a treat for good behavior or simply tell them how much you love them. Check it out at www.shopus.furbo.com or purchase it on Amazon



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