Hella MomVersations™: December 2023 Podcast – “Tiny Superheroes”


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Hella MomVersations™: December 2023 Podcast – “Tiny Superheroes”

Welcome to Hella MomVersations, Keeping it Real With San Francisco Bay Area Moms. Local moms contribute to this community for local moms, and this podcast, Hella MomVersations. Managing Editor, Olga Rosales Salinas, hosts this show, and contributing writers from the community co-host. As a member of the well-known, nationwide City Mom Collective, we are a top-rated online parenting publication and community focused on sharing information, ideas, and personal stories to support, inspire, and connect San Francisco Bay Area families.

Robyn Rosenberger is the founder of TinySuperheroes, an organization dedicated to empowering children facing illness, disability, and various challenges. From crafting the first superhero cape at her kitchen table, Robyn has cultivated a flourishing community, uniting over 120,000 children and their families across the globe through her innovative initiative. More than just capes, TinySuperheroes provides empowerment, support, and a platform for parents to connect. Her innovative “pay-it-forward” model ensures that every nominated child receives a cape, fostering a culture of support and celebration within the TinySuperheroes community. Residing in St. Louis, Robyn juggles her role as a leader, mother, and wife, continuing to inspire and connect families through her heartfelt mission. Robyn’s work stands as a testament to her belief in the innate superpowers every child possesses, and her commitment to celebrating the incredible resilience of extraordinary kids.
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