Your New Year’s Challenge: Give Thanks to Last Year and Welcome In This Year


new year resolutions

It’s a new year! A whole year is behind you and we stare into the face of a new year with unlimited possibilities! For many, especially us moms managing the change and growth of our little minis, the thought of change and growth can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get stuck in comfortable routines and dreaming up goals we know we’ll never attempt to achieve. 

But what if this year is different? What if, this year, you make a plan? You think it through. You get excited. What if this year, you make a change and this time it sticks and you start to imagine a world of possibilities that still lies ahead of you?

In my life, I have traveled the world. I have climbed mountains, swam in numerous oceans, performed in the circus, been mentored by photography legends, taught children, taught adults, played concert piano, created life (twice!), married my best friend, formed friendships with many of life’s truly most incredible people and so much more. But, I have also broken a lot of bones, shed a lot of tears and loved and lost many times.

The thing is, though, I have no regrets. Okay, sure, there are things I wish I hadn’t said or friendships I wish I hadn’t walked away from, but I have always lived my life knowing that what’s worse than failing is regretting having tried.

While I love my life as a mom, I find that I now easily overlook my own personal growth. I find it easy to get stuck in the day to day survival mode of it all. So, a couple years ago, as I sat with my cold coffee, my sleepless newborn, and undiagnosed postpartum depression, in an attempt to remember who I was and who I want to be in the world, I created this worksheet for myself. I do it at the beginning of every year to help me remember to push myself and remind myself that I, too, am still growing and my own life is still full of surprises.

So, this year I challenge you to surprise yourself! Complete the letter below as quickly as possible. (Click here to print out a copy) Try not to overthink this one (yet!). Respond with your instincts and the first responses that come to mind.


Dear 2018,

Thank you for__________________. I sure _____________________ this year! I want to take the time to say _________________for teaching me ___________________________. 

I won’t forget you, 2018, but I am so looking forward to 2019! In 2019 I plan to ______________________ for the first time! I will wake up every day feeling _________________. I am excited to learn to _____________________ this year! Last year I struggled with ___________________ and this year I look forward to____________________! 
I am ready to feel awesome and make 2019 the best year yet!



So that was fun, right? Maybe you’ve already surprised yourself with your responses! 

Now, I want you to write a letter to yourself! This letter is from you in December 2019, speaking to your present self. 

  • How does Future You feel now that you have started working toward these goals?
  • What is Future You thankful to Present You for prioritizing this year?
  • What is Future You excited for you to feel?

Keep these papers somewhere you can re-read them and be reminded of your hopes and dreams for this year. 

Speak kindly to yourself and have fun with this! Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly! Pour a glass of wine and share it with a close friend or partner to really up the accountability. You’ve got this! Now get out and do it! Here’s to an amazing 2019!



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