Yoga Now – More Than Ever!


The pandemic has created the most difficult conditions for kids and families. I’ve done a ton of research and taught yoga to kids at every age for over 15 years. Luckily, I’ve found that Yoga provides solutions to some very difficult problems. 

Synthesizing information from the top experts in the field of kids’ wellness from SATs to sex education, I stay up-to-date on new data, and the numbers are difficult. One government survey in December 2020 found that over 42% of people felt symptoms of anxiety or depression – an increase from 11% the previous year. It didn’t specify kids, but if parents are feeling it, so are kids! No one is immune. Study after study has found that working moms are suffering from disproportionate levels of burnout and stress. 

Researchers are great at collecting data and outlining their findings, and the exceptional ones offer solutions to the all-too-often startling findings that leave parents wondering, “Is my kid, okay? and “Am I a good enough parent?” In nearly every situation, I’ve discovered that Yoga would mitigate or even prevent many of the conditions presented – typically resulting from chronic stress of parenting and growing up in today’s competitive climate – not to mention COVID-19. 

How can kids and parents be the best version of themselves? How do they become aware and practice new skills? Could it be both functional and fun? Can everyone benefit? YES!

Yoga is a universal platform for kids and families to learn to breathe, move and rest together. These practices are linked to the evidence-based research of mindfulness, exercise and meditation – all elements of Yoga along with some special mindset methods and a bit of magic!

Now is the time to begin or to begin again. More than ever, kids need physical, mental and emotional agility! With help, your family can feel more healthy, happy and free.


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