We Mamma’s have got to look out for each other.


“We Mamma’s have got to look out for each other.”

I was out grocery shopping with my 4-month-old baby. My right hand pulled the carriage, and my left hand maneuvered the shopping cart through the aisles.

I was gathering the last items on my list when my little one woke up.

“Ooh, I just have a couple more minutes before the cries start,” I thought to myself.

I quickly finished up, headed towards the check-out, and got in line.
A sweet lady came up from behind and exclaimed, “Please let me help you! You tend to the baby, and I will load the groceries onto the belt”.
And that’s exactly what happened. When I conveyed my appreciation, she said, “We Mamma’s have got to look out for each other. I’m a mamma to a 47-year-old girl.”

The support and affirmation this lady gave me was tremendous.
Though there were those who starred and wondered about my choices, this lady applauded and reminded me to be proud of my actions.

It’s so important to have support at every stage of life. Glad we have this blog 🙂


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