The Importance of Mental Breaks for the Whole Family


We spent some time talking to Dr. Bethany Cook, a Clinical Psychologist, Health Service Psychologist, and a Board Certified Music Therapist, about ways to take mental breaks. What started out as a conversation about mental breaks for parents, quickly changed to mental breaks for the whole family. Primarily, because of the importance of modeling this behavior for our children and the immense benefits that they will get from it as well.

Some of these ideas only require 5 to 10 minutes of dedicated time to stimulate the senses in unusual or unique ways which in turn creates ways for us to be in the moment.

One of her first ideas is to buy yourself a nice, large, juicy orange and take it with you to the shower. Peel it, smell it, eat it. Squeeze the skin on your face and smell the beautiful scents. Watch the complete interview for more fun ideas for mental breaks.

We did end the interview talking about ways in which we can help our children as they go from pandemic isolation into potential sensory overload when they are back in the classroom. You are sure to add some amazing tools to your parenting toolbox that will help your children with the transition.



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