The Best Running Routes on the Peninsula for Solo Runs and Stroller Jogs


Many of us love to run for fitness and stress relief, but we don’t always have a ton of time. So when we do, we really want the run to be spectacular. It can be hard to find a jogging route that’s scenic, challenging, convenient and also kid-friendly. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled several of our favorite runs in the area, divided into most stroller-friendly and best solo runs. Take a look:

Stroller-Friendly Runs on the Peninsula

San Mateo

Sawyer Camp Trail at Crystal Springs Reservoir: This is a scenic paved trail that is marked for two way traffic. It has restrooms and picnic areas along the way. It’s conveniently located right off of 280 with a few different entry points. Definitely kid and stroller-friendly, or great for a nice walk with friends. Here’s a printable map of the trails. 

Redwood Shores

Redwood Shores Bay Trail: There’s a beautiful path along the water that loops around the city from the Bay Club to over by Oracle. It’s made of dirt and rocks so it’s easier on the knees. There are a lot of little waterways and ponds to add some extra mileage in there if that’s what you’re looking for. This is an almost completely flat run and with only a few bumps here and there you can definitely bring your stroller.

Lake loop: There is a pond in Redwood Shores that is enclosed by a 0.8ish mile paved loop that is perfect for strollers and kids’ bikes.


Holbrook Palmer Park: This park has an awesome 0.75mi loop around the perimeter. You can bring a stroller and jog it out and then take your kiddo to play afterward on the playground. It’s a beautiful space and the loop is nice and flat. Bring lunch and a soccer ball and enjoy a picnic afterward on the sprawling green space.

Palo Alto

Bol Park Path (Barren park): A former donkey pasture, this trail winds through a quiet Palo Alto neighborhood, with a playground in the middle alongside Matadero Creek. This is an easy, paved path who’s southern end of the trail reaches Gunn High School. The city recommends parking on Laguna Avenue.

Independent/ More Intense Runs

San Carlos

Crestview Park: This park has a 0.22 mile track, making it the perfect place to get in a quick run while the kids play. The older kiddos can play on the playground and the track is right there so you can keep an eye on everyone while still getting your workout on. You can even have your older kids ride their bikes around the track with you. There are also benches and bleachers to break up the run with some strength work. There is a hill just outside the park to add some extra higher intensity work if you’re looking for that.

Edgewood preserve: This park has a lot of trails of various lengths and is great for jogging or hiking. While it’s not stroller-friendly, there are shorter hikes that are kid-friendly, so you could bring the kids and all get some exercise together. And bonus, dogs are welcome here! The trails can get pretty narrow in some places so it’s not the perfect place if you’re looking for a fast-paced run. There are plenty of hills so you’ll still get your workout in.

 Palo Alto

The Stanford Dish: this trail is amazing for hill runs and interval training. It’s about 4 miles to do the loop starting at Stanford Gate. It’s a wonderful walking path for an intense walk and you can even start by jogging up a hill here and there to take it up a notch. The path is paved so you can use your stroller but be warned: it’s very steep in some places which can make it REALLY hard with a stroller.

Arastradero Preserve: this route is a little less steep or intense than the dish. Only small portions of it are paved, so less ideal for a stroller although technically you could probably do it with a decent jogging stroller and make it an arm workout, too. It’s beautiful and there are a lot of options to make the loops longer or shorter based on how you’re feeling that day. 

Mountain View

Baylands Nature Preserve: this is an unpaved out-and-back trail with gorgeous views of the bay. It is also dog-friendly, and you could probably get by with a decent jogging stroller.

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite running route?

Special thanks to Shannon from Savage Wellness, who helped provide some great insight into some of these runs. Shannon coaches several running groups for moms, be sure to check out her website to find more info. 


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