Living a Sober Mom Life


Editors Note: If you are in need of medical attention please call 911. If you need help with addiction please reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline.

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with two of the founders of Sober Mom Squad, Emily Lynn Paulson, recovery coach and founder of Sober Mom Squad and Celeste Yvonne, one of Sober Mom Squad’s hosts.

Founded during the pandemic, the 5 women who came together to create Sober Mom Squad are mother’s themselves and all in recovery.

Our conversation hit topics like how “mommy juice” has become an accepted and expected part of being a mom, why moms need support – not wine, how important it is for moms to connect, and modeling a sober life for our children.

To learn more about our conversation, please take a few minutes and watch the interview. To learn more about leading a sober lifestyle or even if you are sober curious, please see the resources that Sober Mom Squad offers.

You are not in this alone and there are supports out there for you.


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