Creating Space for Valentine’s

Creating Space for Valentine's
Creating Space for Valentine's

This week, we started a series of yoga at a new studio. We opened the doors and windows, turned on the air purifiers, everyone wore masks, and while that was not ideal, it was glorious to be together. The energy was phenomenal!

They came anyway.

Many had not done yoga in over two years since the pandemic’s beginning. They came anyway. Yoga always meets you where you are. A few came twice in the same week. One said, “I’ve been doing yoga every day with a video; wow, is this different!” Another said, “I loved today! Such good energy. Loved the space, the people, and the music.”

Yoga feels different in different spaces.

Caucasian woman practicing yoga at seashore

After two years of teaching outdoors and online, I’ve found that the environment matters—the container matters. One student preferred the outdoors; she felt confined inside. Our theme was creating space. Ultimately, the idea of yoga is to create space in your body, in your mind, and your heart. Yoga helps us clear the clutter inside ourselves to make more space in our lives for what matters most.

More. Love. Please.

Especially as we approach Valentine’s Day, for me, that’s love. More. Love. Please. I love teaching in this new studio. I love creating space for yoga and what it offers me, no matter what’s happening in my world. I’m finding space to enjoy yoga live online, outdoors, and in-studio. Each has something different to offer the experience. What they all have in common is: showing up. It’s getting yourself on that mat, in whatever way you can, to create the space you need for what you want most in life. What is that for you?

Creating Space for Valentine's
Creating Space for Valentine’s


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