CBD, THC and the Ideal Dosage for Your Body and Mind

Editors Note: This is the second in a 5 part series on cannabis and cannabis-infused ingestible products. Please educate yourself on local, state, and federal laws so you know what is legal where you live. If you have questions for Sysamone, please be sure to leave them in the comment section. She will address your questions in a future post.

Many veteran consumers use CBD and/or THC as a natural alternative to treat various ailments. Both are commonly used for pain relief, relaxation, elevating our moods, minimizing our anxiety, helping us focus, helping us sleep better and also relieving inflammation. I receive a lot of questions from friends and family who are interested in trying infused products for the first time. The most commonly asked question that I hear from everyone is, what is the right dosage for me?  The dosage amount in whichever cannabis product you select plays a big part in how it effects your body and mind experience. 

Before you can understand how your body will react, you must start with understanding your own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is your body’s natural mode of communication between your mind and body. The system’s reaction when you ingest CBD or THC is unique to each person. Just like consumption of alcohol, your body reacts depending on various factors: weight, if you ate, body chemistry, and the severity of the condition you’re using the infused product for. 

My older brother, who is also 100 pounds heavier than I am, requires a larger dosage of CBD when he ingests CBD-infused products for pain. My nephew who is a regular consumer of adult-use marijuana, can enjoy higher doses of THC (10mg-20mg) while I can only microdose (1-3mg) when consuming infused THC products. Everyone is different and there is no one ideal dosage amount that works the same for everyone; just like everyone consumes different amounts of alcohol that works for their body. 

No need to stress over it, the process to figure out your ideal dosage is simple: start small, build up, and pay close attention to the effects you feel as you increase your dosage. If you are trying CBD products for the first time, you do not have to worry about the ‘high’ feeling. My best recommendation is to begin with 10mg, wait approximately 30 minutes before adding an additional 10mg, and repeat this process as needed.

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If you are trying THC products for the first time, I recommend 2.5mg – 5mg. This is considered micro-dosing because THC has the psychoactive compound that causes the ‘high’ feeling. With THC products, there are always clear instructions on wait times on the packaging. Some products will recommend you wait 2 hours before ingesting another serving.  

There are a plethora of CBD products on mainstream retailer shelves and THC products on dispensary shelves for your consumption. Luckily, California has strict rules for brands to follow in regards to labeling requirements that will help ease your mind about dosage. When thinking about the correct dosage for you, just remember: everyone is different and the right amount of dosage for you may not be the right amount for another. Just start small, build at your own pace, and grow your intake from there. 

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Sysamone Phaphon is a single mom of two. She’s lived in the east bay area for 15+ years. She is the current CEO and founder of the CBD Nanoemulsion brand, Khuenphu. Sysamone also provides growth marketing consultancy in the technology, healthcare and cannabis industries through a digital marketing agency called A.V.O. Prior to pursuing the consultancy path & building her own company, she was previously the Head of Growth for cannabis manufacturer, Vertosa, where she managed PR, Marketing and brand partnerships. She is also a brand ambassador for Mothercoders, a nonprofit organization helping mothers on-ramp to careers in tech so they can thrive in a digital economy. When she’s not working, she’s playing baseball mom for her daughter’s all girls competitive travel baseball team and lacrosse mom for her son’s competitive travel team. When she has personal time for herself, she loves naps, enjoying infused products and binge watching various series on all the streaming channels.


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