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I arrived at Douglass Park in San Francisco on Saturday morning ready for my Baby Boot Camp class! I was welcomed by Kathleen Laippy, an owner of Baby Boot Camp, and all the other moms and children.  Baby Boot Camp is held on a tennis court with fencing all around, so the kids can bring their bikes, scooters and various toys to run around and play with during the mommy workout class!

Throughout the class, we did various squats, sprints, ab work, and chatted about what was going on in each of our lives. While chatting, I discovered that almost all the moms were working moms, which was so motivating to me. I feel I sometimes use the fact that I work full-time as my excuse, that I don’t have any opportunity to get a workout in and spend enough weekend time with my son. Baby Boot Camp is a way to solve that!

By the time I finished class, I felt I had a full-body workout and some great advice to tackle teething and even some lunchbox recipes!  It was such a nice change of pace to get outdoors, sweat, and still be able to spend time with my son without feeling guilty about taking “me” time.  My son, Crosby, was running all over the tennis court (which made for a 2 hour nap later) and even made a new friend.  

After class, we went down the street to grab coffee and snacks at Philz Coffee, and there was another playground right across the street to sit and enjoy our morning treats.  It was a great morning that involved a workout, playtime, mom chats, and good coffee all by 10:30 am on a Saturday!

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After my great experience, I had to ask Kathleen Laippy a few questions to learn more about Baby Boot Camp:

  1. What made you start up your own Baby Boot Camp in SF?

After I stopped practicing law, I was working for a legal recruiting firm in NYC. When we moved to SF, I continued to work for that firm remotely.  But after I had my second son, the firm closed due to economic downturn.  I had been attending the Baby Boot Camp classes at the franchise close to me, and the owner was trying to sell it.  I knew that I didn’t want to start working for another recruiter full-time and be away from the boys, so I thought owning a Baby Boot Camp franchise would be a happy-medium.  I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I loved fitness and jumped right in.  It was definitely the right move for our family, and I have loved every minute!

  1.   Do you have any advice for discouraged Moms, who feel like they don’t have the time or are nervous to try to get back in shape?

It doesn’t take a lot.  Just come to a class and do what you can.  I always tell my working mamas that if they can squeeze in even just two or three workouts a week and try and walk on the other days, they can maintain a good fitness level.  I have all levels of fitness in my classes. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they can’t finish a class.

  1.  What do you feel makes Baby Boot Camp so special?

First and foremost, my instructors and I are certified in pre and postnatal exercise and know what exercises are good and safe for pregnant and postpartum women. Second, we have such an awesome community.   My clients become best friends with each other, and I have made so many close friends over the last several years.  I hear over and over from clients that Baby Boot Camp saved them.

  1.  What’s your favorite thing about teaching Baby Boot Camp? Any transformation stories that have meant the most to you?

My favorite thing about teaching Baby Boot Camp is the mamas.  We are a unique group of women in the Bay Area. Most of my clients have had careers before they had kids, and so they bring a different perspective to parenting than past generations.

The best transformation stories are the clients who make life-long friends, find their sanity, AND get stronger.  Just this week, I had a past client tell me that she wouldn’t have any friends if it weren’t for Baby Boot Camp.  She joined my class right after moving to SF from the East Coast and knew nobody.  I love transformation stories like that.


**Baby Boot Camp also offers a really cool program called Core9 Birth Recovery Program.  This is a 9 week course in which you get specific workouts, nutrition advice, and help for getting your body on the road to recovery.  I am totally going to look into this for my next pregnancy!

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Ashley and her husband, Steve, were born and raised in San Carlos and are now raising their 8-month old son, Crosby there as well! After attending Sonoma State University, graduating with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Special Education, Ashley started working full time as an Assistant Director and Preschool Teacher at Kindercourt School. Working is even more fun now that she gets to bring Crosby along, since he is in the Infant/Toddler program at Kindercourt. When not teaching Ashley loves weekend getaways, exploring new things to do on weekend with her family and nights out with her husband and girlfriends!


    • Do it! I had a blast chatting with other moms and watching my son make new friends. I can’t believe I got a workout at the same time that left me sore for days! haha

  1. Fabulous Article Ashley!!! I love your blogs because they feel so down-to-earth and real. I have shared your blog posts with many friends and even pinned all of your Blog Posts to a Pinterest Board to share your knowledge and experience with others. Thank you…very helpful! 🙂


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