An OIT Allergy Journey; One Young Man’s Story


Morgan Low’s life changed at the age of 13 when he developed a tree nut allergy. The first advice he and his family followed was food avoidance, but that was hard; practically and socially. Morgan and his family sought help from Dr. Jain at Columbia Allergy and together, they decided to try OIT,  oral immunotherapy treatment. In fact, Morgan was the first patient at Columbia Allergy to receive OIT.

After three years of treatment, Morgan was able to live without fear of anaphylaxis. He enlisted in the military and travel and live abroad in South East Asia without worrying about cross-contamination.

In our interview, we talked about what he remembers from his first allergic experience to what his life is like now. He also had some great advice for kids who may be living with food allergies. Watch the entire interview to hear more about this amazing young man’s story.

Morgan, aged 13, with his siblings before his first allergic reaction.


Morgan, aged 16, eating a cookie that “may contain tree nuts” without worry.



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