A Parent’s Guide to Reflection on Our Children


My 9-year-old son is a big reminder of how important it is to have healthy self-talk, exercise healthy boundaries, exercise self-love, and manifest my heart’s desires. When life gets stressful and heavy, we lose sight of our dreams; our relationships feel strained, decisions don’t turn out how we had hoped, etc.; it is so easy to be self-critical, lack self-compassion, and experience life as unpleasant.

A Parent's Guide to Reflection on Our Children
A Parent’s Guide to Reflection on Our Children

I am a single mom who recently ended a three-year relationship because my intention to expand my family was not reciprocated. This last week I noticed my son was happier, less critical of himself, processed challenging moments in healthier ways, and was more playful with me. I played a part in his uplifting shift. My decision to release what is not aligned with my purpose helped me to reconnect with my truth unapologetically. I exercised grace, self-compassion, unconditional love, patience, and gratitude, and as a result, I was present to experience a lot more joy. My son served as a beautiful reflection of this positive life change and as a reminder of how important it is as parents to take extra good care of ourselves and to stay true to our purpose(s).

Below are some examples I have incorporated into my daily routine to help me realign with my heart’s desires and experience more self-love:

· Affirm my intention out loud to myself, friends, and family

· Gratitude list

· Automatic writing for 20 minutes

· Journal I Am statements

· Visualize my intention as I sing, hum, and/or listen to music

· Meditation

· Visualize my intention while I practice breathwork

· Have more fun

· Exercise more spontaneity

· Surround myself with healthy, supportive people

· Declutter

· Spend the majority of my time in nature and uplifting environments

· Practice self-forgiveness

· Allow myself to heal

· And the list goes on!

As many know, practicing forgiveness for others and ourselves can be challenging. If you want to try my free forgiveness exercise, please email me at support@taviaavila.com. My clients and I have experienced significant shifts through the healing process. If you would also like information on any of the other practices mentioned above (gratitude list, I Am statements, automatic writing, meditations, and breathwork) please reach out.

Our children will have many teachers throughout their lives who will support their growth and inspire them, but we will always be their #1 teacher with the biggest responsibility (no pressure, parents- haha!). May our children’s self-love be a reflection that we are most proud of.


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