8 Tips for Keeping Children Healthy



Typically, we worry about our children’s health when they are sick. It is important to remember that there is a lot we can do to prevent our kids from getting sick or lessening the severity of the symptoms.  The key is to keep them healthy so that when a ‘bug’ comes around, their bodies are well equipped to handle it. We brush and floss our teeth because we know it helps prevents cavities, so why don’t we do daily things to try to prevent illness?

Here are 8 preventive measures to keep your kiddo healthy.


Massage is so good for kids. Not only will it help them relax and increase immunity, it also gives you time to connect with your little one. With little kids, you want to keep the massage short, ideally ending before they want it to be over.  If they ask you for more, definitely oblige.

Back scratches, although not quite the same as massage, are still relaxing for many children, and most likely something they will not get from anyone else. There is a way to properly back scratch, but that will have to be for another blog post.

Skin rolling is super amazing and SOooo beneficial to kids. It also helps with immunity, and if done properly, can rebalance the body. Most kids I know LOVE skin rolling, and in my clinic, it is often the most requested form of treatment.

Downtime and Relaxation

In our society today, relaxation and downtime are seen as a bad thing, but that can’t be further from the truth. We all need time to chill, to process things that happened in our day, and to give our bodies, minds, and even emotions a break. Kids need this just as much, if not more, than adults.

Clay Baths

If you have a bath tub, this is a great gentle detoxing tool for kids. Our environment is filled with chemicals so being able to pull some of that out of the body while bathing is great for overall health and vitality.

Fun, Stress Free Play

Just let them play. Don’t try to interfere or teach them something, instead let them do what they want and let it take their creativity in the direction they choose; of course within the boundaries of your household. Drawing on the couch, no matter how creative you think you are, is not okay with me. We have paper for that.


Yes, yes, yes … good old sleep. I have tried two very different sleep approaches with my son so far, and I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way. We are all born and made differently. The point is, you have to do what works best for you and your family around sleep. Just pay attention to the behavior of your little one to make sure sleep, or lack thereof, isn’t the culprit of any bad behaviors.

Elderberry Syrup

This one is semi-preventive, but it can also be used when kids aren’t feeling well. Ideally, the syrup should not be taken regularly because you don’t want the body to become to accustomed to it. Prior to COVID-19, my advice would have been to give it to your child during the school week and take a rest on the weekend. When my little one was young, I would give it to him on days where he had a lot of exposure to young kids in a small area.  Now I recommend taking it when nutrition hasn’t been too good, when the kiddo seems more stressed (this can manifest behaviorally), and when sleep has been poor. The best and cheapest elderberry syrup is homemade. After doing this a few times, I have learned to make it in bulk and freeze in ice cubes or small jars. When the mood strikes me, I might even share some of my batch with friends.


Kids need to move, and just like adults, kids need to be moving more than ever. Now that kids are spending more time at home on the computer with distance learning, it is more important that they move their bodies. Anything from a dance party with your favorite music to some children’s yoga (free session on YouTube), or even going for a walk around the block are just some of the ways children can get the blood pumping. In our house, my four year old even does some push-ups … haha.

Stay Hydrated

I am sure you know the importance of staying well hydrated. If you don’t, you can pick up a copy of Your Bodies Many Cries for Water. It will give you a thorough break down. I love water, but I have noticed many people don’t. One tip I have found that makes this a little easier, and is approved by a 4 year old, and that is to add fresh or frozen fruit.

What do you do to prevent your little one from getting sick and staying healthy?


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