6 Weeks to Wellness with S.Well Moms

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postnatal fitness program
Our contributing writer Shannon Shearn is a fitness expert and owner of Savage Wellness, where she offers personal training and nutrition coaching for both in-person and online clients. She recently launched the S.Well Moms 6 Weeks to Wellness online course and I got to try it out along with a few members of our team (you’ll see their quotes sprinkled throughout).
Since I know Shannon personally, I can confidently tell you that her professional demeanor is the same as her personal one. She’s warm, outgoing, honest, and fun. She literally joined the circus in her 20s and traveled the world as a professional acrobat for years. If that’s not someone you want to spend time with, I don’t know who is. 
postnatal fitness programs
It felt like I was doing this program with someone, not that I’d “bought” a package or log-on to a generic fitness app.  The direct interaction and coaching she provided was really motivating.

About the Program

6 Weeks to Wellness is a comprehensive look at fitness, nutrition, and wellness.


Each week, Shannon sends you a new workout routine (each is 30 minutes or less) which progresses in difficulty over the course of the program. There are also fitness challenges for additional strength and stamina boosts that can be worked into short pockets of time you have throughout the day.

That was one of my favorite concepts of the program—workout for as much time as you have; come back later to finish. I’ve always had the mentality that if I didn’t have an hour to devote right here and now to exercise, then I couldn’t make it happen. Shannon and her program encourage breaking up the activities into small doses that can fit more easily into hectic days. 

I have new ideas for mini workouts I can do while I’m watching my kids at the playground, or even waiting for my 4 yearr old to go to the bathroom and put on his PJs (which feels like it takes a half hour!). Now I’m less stressed about waiting for him to do these things, I just use the time to do planks or pushups.


The program is all about making healthier choices, not depriving ourselves of things we like, so Shannon will tell you to enjoy that glass of wine at night or sweet dessert, but she’ll also give you practical ways to swap more nutritious foods into your diet without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. 

One of the simplest pieces of advice she offers in the first week of the program is how to drink more water each day. Staying hydrated is important for our health but also staves off hunger (sometimes we’re not that hungry, we’re actually quite thirsty), so she suggests drinking a glass of water right when we wake up in the morning to replenish our bodies from a long night of fasting and before each meal. It’s so easy and has made such a difference in my daily routine.

I like the weekly challenges, giving you a new goal to master each week.


The word “wellness” gets tossed around a lot, but Shannon really honed in on what this means for moms specifically. This portion of the program is all about making ourselves priorities in our own lives and showing us how to do it. The weekly wellness challenges cover everything from getting more sleep to goal setting to meditation. 

Having the chance to focus inward during the program was really helpful because it’s not something I do naturally. There are very few moments of stillness in my life, and completing the program demonstrated to me how beneficial it can be to find more of them. 

I have done several wellness programs before, and this one felt different because it’s very relatable, flexible, and doesn’t make you feel bad if you don’t do it all every day. I love her flexibility and allowance for when life happens, making it feel less restrictive.

postnatal wellness program

Get Ready

Shannon uses a points system to break down all the elements of the program. So, your goal for a day might be to get 5 points, which would be comprised of fitness, nutrition, and wellness activities that build upon each other over time. It makes the program feel achievable, but it does require a commitment from you.


Shannon sends out weekly emails to prep you for the coming week’s program. They have a TON of information which is great, but can also be overwhelming if you’re not ready for it. So, get excited for those emails and plan ahead to see how you can factor the week’s challenges into your schedule. Dedicating time to this upfront planning is how you’ll get the most out of the program.

She also has an online portal set up for program participants, so if email’s not your thing, head online to pull the materials you need.

There was a sense of community “we can do this!

Support & Accountability

Even though you will not be meeting with Shannon in person during this program you’ll feel like she’s right there with you. Each week you’ll fill out an accountability sheet recapping how you did the week before (which reeeeallly helps you stay on track). Shannon reads every one and responds directly to what you’ve written. She also hosts an S.Well Facebook group where she and other members can answer questions and offer motivation. She hosts Facebook Lives and even confesses when she hasn’t followed her own routine exactly.

Shannon was very honest and shared her own experiences and daily challenges and temptations.  This was helpful; I felt like she was one of us, not an idealistic figure that I would have no hopes of emulating.

Lasting Results

Completing this program was the jump start I needed to get back on track with my fitness and nutrition, and I’m incorporating more of the wellness elements into my life, too.
wellness program postnatal fitness
It’s even more fun doing the program as a group like our team did, so grab some girlfriends and get going! Use the code MPMBVIP when you sign up for $30 off the S.Well Moms 6 Weeks to Wellness Program.
If you’re interested in meeting Shannon in-person, she’ll be starting a monthly wine and wellness night in Menlo Park at Revitalize Integrated Body Systems with a short workout, some wine and a series of wellness workshops to help moms learn fun ways to take care of themselves (and there will often be 5 minute massages and some shopping as well!). Check out all of Shannon’s programs to find the right one for you!


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